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A noob who is trying to enter the crypto world


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Spiderman deserves to leave MCU! he tried to kill me!
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Spiderman killed me
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I'm exchanging tokens, send me a tip and I will send you a tip back with a different token
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i want some!
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Should Vidteks try to increase his hashrate this week?
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Me watching the market and doing nothing about it...

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super excited! Thanks a lot!
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Noob here. Can someone explain why BCH is going the opposite direction of BTC? arent they supposed to go the same direction?
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I am new but still gonna comment!
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A noob who is trying to enter the crypto world
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how do we know you are real?
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Seeing screenshots of old Tweets of super cheap BTC, I wonder who bought BTC the cheapest here on Memo.
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