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using bitcoin cash!

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PipeFlare completely free ZEC and PIVX cryptocurrency. There's no download necessary and claiming is fast and simple. https://www.pipeflare.io/r/3k
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I love BCH!
If getting your message heard in an uncensorable way is important, then spending less than 1/10th of a cent for a message should be a no-brainer "worth it" decision.

#memo #BitcoinCash
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Exactly! any developers living in venezuela on here?? lets create a project

Privacy is essential. We should have it when we want.
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let me know what you think or update us here memo.cash
great application for anyone using linux
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I have 200+ Bat on my phone alone and i have about 300 on my PC.
1) make a free website with a GMAIL account
2) make a free webpage and register it with brave
3) tip your webpage
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i also use on my computer and on my phone i saw one here say you can pull out your #BAT earnings in #BCH i have not tried to though
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have you tried these kind of site let me know what you think
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Bartering if you can come to memo and post you can do some online work like how much is it for a banana there in satoshis
I'm sorry if it sounds rude but I'm genuinely curious. To everyone asking and using sats for food how are you doing it? Do you convert it to fiat or are there stores taking sats? Like the banana guy accepting #BCH
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#COINOMI is one of the oldest wallets. I use it as a starting wallet to teach people about crypto
The intriguing thing is if the pyramids were meant for something profound, what exactly that could be & how we can use that today.

(Yes, I made an entire post inside of a GIF. )
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AWESOME! What did you use to make it? can you do a HOW TO ( add a profile on pic on memo ) and how to make them in general. It would make memo.cash that much better,stronger. Thanks!
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2/2 on the blockchain
Here is a great 2 minute read on that specifically
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Most exchanges wait a certain number of confirmations for safety I'm guessing coinex trusts 0-conf because they are running a node amd thet see the transaction before it is added 1/2
Bitcoin is buckling under Ethereums gravitational pull
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All the good free stuff gets lost. good to know I'm helping #BCH and spreading the love!