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replied 483d
I'm so sorry to hear this my friend
replied 499d
Bout damn time
replied 504d
It's my dream
replied 504d
Happy Birthday!!!!! I hope you had a great day
replied 506d
I wonder how many in N Korea?
replied 547d
i joined today but I am going to blog about my travels, basically it is a lot of pics
replied 547d
Hi, I'm still around I have just been spending a lot more time on Telegram and promoting $Spice
I've just joined Read.cash and have decided to use it to document my travels and I just posted my first blog. Check it out here https://read.cash/@Hi_FromLaura
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In a few months I will only be a 100 miles away.
replied 555d
You are my friend and I miss you when you are not around
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replied 555d
I agree
replied 555d
Good Morning Friend
replied 555d
I have been told I am kind
replied 555d
I sometimes wish i was
replied 555d
Relatively but slightly overweight but I'm putting in the hours at the gym and the kitchen
I hate my job, I had to fill out 2 CTR's this week for trivial things that infuriated me
replied 590d
Check your balance I just tipped you on there and it worked
Everyone you can now load up on #Spice on the Bitcoin.com Exchange.
I can't wait to see what you can do with #Spice tokens

replied 619d
Is there somewhere we can see what has been submitted already?
replied 619d
I just tweeted this
replied 623d
This great, thanks for sharing
replied 623d
Haha they sure do love their Spice