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replied · 12d
also convincing many people that creating monumental debt is ok
replied · 12d
Same with me
replied · 12d
Poor Pokkst can’t get away from you. He can run but he can’t hide
replied · 12d
Well I am sober but it doesn’t mean I haven’t had a drink does that count 🤷‍♀️
· 25d
Check out the new/improved #Eatbch website. While other coins are discussing strategies for #Hodl and #lambos our devs are figuring out ways to save lives.
replied · 65d
And #Spice too!!!
replied · 65d
Ha did you get scammed and buy the imposter token?
· 66d
PSA Spice is now available for trading on Altilly, Coinex, Cryptophyl and of course her on Memo. Remember one thing #Spicemustflow to be successful.
replied · 70d
Stupid scammers ruin the fun for everyone. I sent Bitcoin Cash Activist 500 spice to make up for the scammer
· 70d
There has been fake Spice tokens showing up on Memo.cash! To be clear the real Spice has a trx ID that begins with 4de69. Don’t know about this please conduct your trades here. No KYC https://cryptophyl.com/?r=queen
replied · 76d
And let's not forget August 8th coming to Coinex.
replied · 83d
Did your short bus break down on the way to school?
replied · 83d
Well the fact you created a token and smearing the name of good BCH people and didn’t cover your tracks does imply you are mentally slow and damaged! RETARD DETECTED!!!
replied · 93d
I gave him the option of Bitpay or Bitcoin Cash Register and he chose the later.
· 93d
I signed up a new merchant for #BCH today 🤗 he gains economic freedom for his business.
replied · 94d
Thank you
· 94d
I was interviewed by Coinspice you can check it out here if you have 30 minutes https://coinspice.io/news/podcast-from-noob-to-veteran-laura-young-and-her-cryptocurrency-journey/
replied · 95d
Oops thank you
· 95d
New exchange called #Crptophyl.com is the first to list the #SPL token #Spice
This is so cool
· 95d
New exchange that is closed Beta has just listed Spice! #SpiceMustFlow
replied · 100d
oh ok i thought he was talking about other peoples balances. Anyways hey i have a shitty SV balance too
replied · 100d
How do you see balances?
replied · 100d
Why do you dislike Naomi? I think she is great!
· 100d
· 101d
You can now Sideshift to obtain more Spice tokens