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Many conflicts could be avoided if we had 1 world language (I cannot understand it = I do not like it)
95d · Dank Bitcoin Memes
95d · Dank Bitcoin Memes
95d · Dank Bitcoin Memes
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Is there somewhere we can see what has been submitted already?
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I just tweeted this
95d · Dank Bitcoin Memes
Lots of submissions! The 25 tx mempool limit is going to severely slow down the dividend distribution process.

If you want to enter the contest:
Can you be angry, bored and disappointed at the same time?
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This great, thanks for sharing
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Haha they sure do love their Spice
Spice token telegram group has more active users than memo does. How the fuck is that even possible?? 😂

https://t.me/spicetoken Currently 770 members
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I have not investigated most altcoins, but I am not a maximalist - I think there is room for more than one cryptocurrency. Do you own any of the following?
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Hey that’s the Spice Queen ☺️
SPICE wallet
test using emoji 🌶 🌶 🌶
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Just woke up from a nap. As I get older I realize how underrated naps are. The goal isn't financial freedom, it's being free to take naps whenever I want. #dailymemo
Video walk through of a lightweight REST API dedicated to validating SLP token transactions. A much needed tool for anyone running SLP token infrastructure.
My Tor relay is coming back, but no exits #dailymemo
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Yeah I have bought all kinds of stuff from them.
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ok! I bought shampoo!
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you can buy shampoo and stuff from Shiny Leaf
Every game is better, every movie is better. Reality is stranger than fiction.