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Listened to this on my commute home and enjoyed it. =)
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Thank you
I was interviewed by Coinspice you can check it out here if you have 30 minutes https://coinspice.io/news/podcast-from-noob-to-veteran-laura-young-and-her-cryptocurrency-journey/
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Just so people know, the website is cryptophyl.com. You forgot the Y in crypto.
replied · 38d
Oops thank you
New exchange called #Crptophyl.com is the first to list the #SPL token #Spice
This is so cool
New exchange that is closed Beta has just listed Spice! #SpiceMustFlow
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oh ok i thought he was talking about other peoples balances. Anyways hey i have a shitty SV balance too
replied · 43d
How do you see balances?
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Why do you dislike Naomi? I think she is great!
Even Calvin's recent posts since 2 Jul no longer have #CraigIsSatoshi hashtag.
Lies cannot go on forever.
Sat at traffic lights on off ramp from motorway, old twat with blonde 1/4 of his age in Ferrari next 2 us. Floors it as lights change. Satisfaction as unmarked police car with blue lights overtakes us to pull him over
SideShift.ai is easy, it works and it's fun. Trade whatever for whatever.

Let's use it to get some 🌶️SPICE🌶️

1. Have something (BCH, ETH, whatever) to trade for 🌶️
You can now Sideshift to obtain more Spice tokens
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It's protecting you. BTC users losing their money gambling is better https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/c7u0fm/bitcoincom_has_launched_a_new_games_portal/esivvva/
· 51d
Just gonna post here to permanently say fuck you to Twitch for reenabling BTC/BCH payments a day or two after https://tipbitcoin.cash

On the bright side, I still win since my site doesn't take a cut.
replied · 50d
Twitter unsuspended the @btcfork account.

"we have systems that find and remove multiple automated spam accounts in bulk, and yours was flagged as spam by mistake"
Good storage and backup solutions are important - especially if your crypto > fiat value - hardware wallets, cryptotag, etc. aren't expensive - compared to a total loss
The devs sometimes take all of the glory. But the marketers. The designers. The content writers. They're the unsung heroes helping make radical ideas more appealing to the general public. Thank you.

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Trade #2 successfully completed https://local.bitcoin.com/r/georgengelmann
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Here's another reason why https://tipbitcoin.cash is better: