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Relatively but slightly overweight but I'm putting in the hours at the gym and the kitchen
I hate my job, I had to fill out 2 CTR's this week for trivial things that infuriated me
I passed the Bitcoin Cash SLP Torch to Peter Rizun. Without him, I might still think small blocks are a good idea.
Have a Bitcoin Birthday, Taylor Swift!
She would benefit from reading Snowden's memoire, yet I remain delighted by her music.

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Check your balance I just tipped you on there and it worked
Hey BCH people! Let's at least finish the year ahead of Tether. We'll take down XRP next year...
Everyone you can now load up on #Spice on the Bitcoin.com Exchange.
I can't wait to see what you can do with #Spice tokens

143d · Dank Bitcoin Memes
143d · Dank Bitcoin Memes
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1 world language would give the illusion of understanding. It takes months to learn a language but years to learn a culture.
Many conflicts could be avoided if we had 1 world language (I cannot understand it = I do not like it)
143d · Dank Bitcoin Memes
143d · Dank Bitcoin Memes
143d · Dank Bitcoin Memes
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Is there somewhere we can see what has been submitted already?
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I just tweeted this
142d · Dank Bitcoin Memes
Lots of submissions! The 25 tx mempool limit is going to severely slow down the dividend distribution process.

If you want to enter the contest:
Can you be angry, bored and disappointed at the same time?
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This great, thanks for sharing
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Haha they sure do love their Spice
Spice token telegram group has more active users than memo does. How the fuck is that even possible?? 😂

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I have not investigated most altcoins, but I am not a maximalist - I think there is room for more than one cryptocurrency. Do you own any of the following?
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