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I started going to the gym on Tues and I have now gone 4 days. I hired a personal trainer because I am hoping the amount of $ I paid will keep me motivated. So far so good 😊
I went to the gym again tonight. I got on the treadmill then I started to sweat so I stopped. The End! 🤷‍♀️
I had forgotten about Memo.cash till just the other day. I just posted the link to 2 different stories that I have written for Honest.cash I hope you enjoy them.
People that were cheering for this #hashwar are now crying about crypto being set back. No Shit Sherlock what’s your next clue!!
I’ve lost so much in 24 hours I can say bye bye to Christmas 😢
Hey Nate
Hey is Bitcoin now legal in China?
Lol my like button got stuck. So I wound up liking 1 post many times over. But it’s ok it went to Brian and he is my friend 🤗
From @Ngawang
Oh let me try this again
I’m just uploading random stuff through Imgur trying to figure out why the pictures won’t show.
I’m posting this for @Ngawang https://imgur.com/a/ZiFI0K4 its so pretty there
Hello Ngawang!! from the USA!!!
I have a cold so all this flying is killing my ears. And I look like hell. I have completely wiped of all traces of any makeup.
I HATE China!!!!
After I asked Nyawang to join Memo we started to play around and realized he is able to receive BCH not send. And we could only find 1 wallet. Does anyone have suggestions, he is in Tibet.
Hey everyone please welcome Ngawang he is new to memocash and this will be his only way to earn BCH from Tibet
I was able to make my own BCH QR code using QaRT send me some love ❤️ https://imgur.com/a/ybYni1m
Last night at the meetup we played game with 5 wallets. Start w/Cointext then Coinbase Coinomi Handcash Centbee then back to Cointext in less then 30 seconds. I wish we had taken a video of it. Minimal fees f/cointext
Centbee is working beautifully. I believe I will use this as the default wallet tomorrow night at my meetup.
Check out all the cool new swag I received for my next meetup
I had a job interview today with a bank. It went really well but I though it would be best that I made all my social media accounts private 😕