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Ugh, I meant to say "Which *has* torn more people apart?" Dang, immutable blockchain.
Or r/Bitcoin 😂
happy thanksgiving
I highly doubt Satoshi would have wanted his project to be subject to the whims of someone as unprofessional, egocentric and quick to anger as CSW. He wanted no one in charge
Yep, that's why it is down to 41.00. LMAO. Shit Version and Calvin Dairy Ayre going to 0. But that's what they told everybody they would do. You should listen.
Because ryan is all about censorship now! You’d think this was china
Also I need some more Satoshis to be able to keep on posting, I can't fund my memo account anymore.
There are a lot more places listed on Marco Coino than BMAP.cash.
I teach elementary school English in Tokyo, 90% of what we do is play games. Cheating to get ahead early and then trying to demoralize your opponent by bragging is something 5th graders do. 6th graders are more mature
People that were cheering for this #hashwar are now crying about crypto being set back. No Shit Sherlock what’s your next clue!!
Who cares. As long as this war keeps up the price continues to go down the toilet. Nobody is winning at this point
Yes. Most people don't understand blockchain. And if it's money, they shouldn't have to worry about if they are going to lose their money or not. This is a major problem.
I agree, damage is being done. I expected huge gains in crypto this year, now I am putting that off for 2 or 3 years. 2021 looks good.
This is actually not fun to watch because I know personally that Roger is a nice guy. As we speak he's making the decision whether to bankrupt his business/get sued or let SV win.
I just want sound usuable currency!
I just want sound usuable currency!
ABC, the real one, not controlled by a psychopath.
I’ve lost so much in 24 hours I can say bye bye to Christmas 😢
Lhasa has no snow fall right now but the temperature is too freezing already !!!
Satoshi Nakamoto say “ Best of luck to you all” hahahahha
Hey Nate
china lifts bitcoin ban; Individuals and businesses can now own cyrptocurrrencies legally !!!
china lifts bitcoin ban; Individuals and businesses can now own cyrptocurrrencies legally !!!
my plan,as of now is to keep my coins on a paper wallet and not move them until I have clarity,I'm not calling anyone dishonest,I don't understand the part about miners keeping coins