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replied · 4h
Yeah I have bought all kinds of stuff from them.
replied · 16h
ok! I bought shampoo!
replied · 1d
you can buy shampoo and stuff from Shiny Leaf
· 5d
Every game is better, every movie is better. Reality is stranger than fiction.
· 8d
My dad died when I was young. So I always feared facing the same fate. Now I have 2 boys like he did, 3 years apart like me and my brother, and I see eerie similarities between me and my oldest, and my brother and my
· 9d
· 9d
You can buy and sell BCH futures on CoinFlex. It's the only exchange where the BCH are deliverable at contract expiration!
replied · 12d
I'm afraid SOBER token doesn't divide decimal places for half measures. 😜
· 16d
SherryCockmail went silent a month ago... My theory is that he got stuck in #Faketoshi's rectum.

replied · 14d
also convincing many people that creating monumental debt is ok
replied · 14d
Same with me
replied · 14d
Poor Pokkst can’t get away from you. He can run but he can’t hide
replied · 14d
Well I am sober but it doesn’t mean I haven’t had a drink does that count 🤷‍♀️
· 27d
Check out the new/improved #Eatbch website. While other coins are discussing strategies for #Hodl and #lambos our devs are figuring out ways to save lives.
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· 49d
Craig Wright to forfeit crypto: "perjured himself" says judge
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