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23 countries, 15 languages and much more coming....

Bitcoin Cash and Brewdog Launch - First 100 people..
This is my only social media account ill be using! Twitter suspended me for telling tim cock he is a tard! iOS is full of bugs! Complaining got me banned.
I am all in for people that do it legally and even celebrate with them. But when it comes to illegal immigrantiion I become 😡
There is a spot on the menu bar that says share Centbee and you can send a message through messenger, text, discord and so on
It’s already there if the picture is attached to the contact in the phone it appears that way in Centbee
If I have their picture attached to the contact in my phone it appears that way on Centbee.
This is the centrist position and I agree with it. Coincidentally, it's also Trump's position. More/better jobs solves the welfare problem. Immigrants can come if they want to work.
And I love it! 😉
I don’t and have not reproduced for the single reason insanity should not breed. The buck stops here!
I’m not saying this is for the sole purpose of welfare, but my parents have a neighbor that have people come and stay at their house for the sole purpose of anchor babies
yeah sounds like the intent is the same.
Since when was there an Emporium in the west Loop?!?
I was able to make my own BCH QR code using QaRT send me some love ❤️ https://imgur.com/a/ybYni1m
Only if they have the Centbee app on their phone also
Last night at the meetup we played game with 5 wallets. Start w/Cointext then Coinbase Coinomi Handcash Centbee then back to Cointext in less then 30 seconds. I wish we had taken a video of it. Minimal fees f/cointext
Wow thank you at Lorien for the tip. I had everyone install your app at my meetup last night and it was a hit.
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· 16 days ago
It is really simple to use. Even for me
It is so easy and smooth. If Integrates with your phone contacts also, making it simple to share with your friends. Install it and you will see me in there.
Centbee is working beautifully. I believe I will use this as the default wallet tomorrow night at my meetup.
What about my past posts?
Check out all the cool new swag I received for my next meetup
I had a job interview today with a bank. It went really well but I though it would be best that I made all my social media accounts private 😕