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1.People don't want to use LN when tx fees are high because it costs too much to open a channel
2.People don't want to use LN when tx fees are low because then they can just send transactions cheaply directly on-chain
Ethereum removed its warrant canary.
Long term prediction: Coingeek/nChain will keep spending Ayre's (tax debt) money on promoting BSV to make it the dominant Bitcoin Cash fork by buying the best devs, funding conferences which only let supportive voices
Was there a manhunt for SN as this early adopter says?

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Which is the best browser?
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"The recent double attack on BCH right after the fork (poisonous transactions causing empty blocks to be mined by exploiting a bug in the code, and the intended theft of all coins locked in segwit addresses by an
When there are 1MB blocks on BTC: "Omg, they're spamming our network!"
When there are 1MB blocks on BCH: "Omg, they're spamming their network!"
"Looks like they're playing a game between BTC and BSV in which they can change each coin's narrative and shift the balance of the weights and make any coin fail on purpose at any time helping the other in case the
Are you unable to log in to Reddit as well?
How s2x fail if it had 95% signaling?
An army of liars pretended they were the BTC community throughout social media. They claimed the community supported high fees, small blocks and a short delay until the arrival of
Paul Le Roux has nothing to do with bitcoin (Not that we know, at least)
BCH may have labor pains but at least it doesn't try to cripple itself like BTC does.
ABC Bug Explained:
TL;DR: No one in the crypto ecosystem will ever say 15 May 2019 was boring. Mere minutes into the scheduled Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network upgrade, an unrelated bug was found, timed to be exploited for maximum negative
"The attack was supposed to make everyone think hard forks are dangerous. The fact that we're on the other side of this even with a bug makes me feel hard forks are less dangerous because even when "something goes
"The best part was reading /u/nullc 's fan fiction about old ladies being robbed, and then seeing him delete the comment when it was apparent he didn't understand what was going on."
You can now buy & sell Bitcoin Cash ANONYMOUSLY at! The Local Bitcoins replacement