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“SV protocol features has been removed” - Bitcoin Unlimited
replied · 19h
Great news. I see CashX uses multi-signature escrow instead of non-custodial escrow. Anyway, it's a good step forward.
replied · 4h
miners than it would be to coerce commercial node operators?
It seems like Andreas' logic only makes sense in a world where mining is done on general-purpose consumer hardware."
replied · 4h
to mining? If ASICs are expensive enough that very few individuals mine coins at home, then don't we have exactly that problem? Why would it be harder to coerce all the commercial
replied · 4h
companies do it, we will have a serious problem because companies are more visible than individuals, and therefore easier to coerce.
But I'm wondering, doesn't this equally apply

"At 52:02 Andreas speaks about why he changed his mind on the scaling debate, and now prefers not to raise the block-size yet.
He argues that if running nodes is expensive enough that only
Someone is working on a DEX with BCH as base pair:
replied · 1d
and making it a closed garden in which a few easy to take over software providers will rule the network."
replied · 1d
giant hoax, they never intended the end users to run their own nodes, all with the final goal of taking out the decentralized aspect of Bitcoin
"They plan to leave the LN channels handling to large node operators, so mostly exchanges. The end users will never run their own nodes and won't ever make an on-chain tx. Yes. The whole "don't trust, verify" was one
Awesome as she is donating to the real users!! Not like that pineapple fund guy who basically funded #bitcoin hostile projects who probably sold their bitcoin right away!!
Documentary: Banking on Bitcoin (2016)
Is this real? u/IMayMarry tipped 17BCH ($5K) in a single thread?
replied · 3d
Didn't he use for it his tax money?
· 3d
Hey everyone! I've launched a VPN service called PlasmaVPN (currently in Beta). This is a completely anonymous VPN service.

Accepts BCH, BTC, ETH, and LTC!
replied · 4d
Mempool limits are only limited by node operators, that's not a consensus issue. We need only to convince people to bump it.
At this rate I'm gonna drink for Christmas dinner soup out of a can under a bridge in an abandoned car.
replied · 4d
Which means that BCH beating BTC in terms of tx volume necessarily means that BCH is more important to the world, in objective terms, than BTC is."
replied · 4d
"Once we're beating their transaction numbers, they will fall back on having a high price. But price is a function of the network effect, which is a function of transaction volume.
replied · 4d
"Number of Transactions across Bitcoin, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash over the last 6 months:
BTC: 348.97k, 1.176x increase
LTC: 30.54k, 1.308x increase
BCH: 61.68k, 7.587x increase"
"Over 100 Memo transactions rejected in the last 24 hours due to mempool limits. People run into this daily. When will they be raised?"
replied · 4d
ICOs are in the past hopefully, as for tokens, they are exist in physical world already and have several use cases. The same they could and probably would find their place in crypto
replied · 4d
With a trusted oracle you could make many addictive games like that.
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