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The United States is a nation of laws: badly written and randomly enforced.


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“CTOR wasn't made in a hurry, there was more than year of preparation, and it even used to be on nchain's roadmap. It was made contentious at the last minute by people who wanted a split. It never was about ctor.”
"Bitcoin is an open source p2p system which was originally highly prized for being capture resistant.
If Bitcoin were not open source, or if elements of it were trademarked or patented, then a malactor could trivially
"Someone trying to buy old mining wallets on bitcointalk - i think its faketoshi!
prepping for upcoming court case - or still trying to bring more fake proofs!
Twitter antitrust - @bitcoincore is inorganically returned as a top result for the search “bitcoin”, and the handle @bitcoin appears last. Jack, Twitter’s CEO,
Rick Falkvinge: The Lightning Network -- an update 12 months after pointing out eight key problems
"I have had some conversations with Core developers, and they want to change the 21M limit after BTC experiences two reward halvings, which means in five to ten years."
"The UnitedCorp (likely Calvin Ayre & Associates) Lawsuit Alleging Hijacking of the Bitcoin Cash Network by Bitmain,, Kraken and Bitcoin ABC Devs is complete horsesh*t:"
"Isn't it fascinating that all of a sudden we have "bad cop" BSV filing lawsuits against BCH devs, and at the same time we have "good cop" BTC offering jobs to anyone in the cryptosphere?"
'In the infamous Bangkok miner's meeting, Craig and Jimmy said that the 3 goals need to be "stability, security, and scalability".
Ver posted his recent bill for defending the BSV frivolous lawsuit against open source software developers:
Prof Babble aka Craig Wright just deleted over 10,000 of his own tweets and his Twitter account:
"BTC already has the very difficult challenge of growing a new network effect. LN adds the challenge of building a new network effect, on top of another new network effect.
Bitcoin does not win through ideological persuasion. It wins through overwhelming economic incentive.
"LN coins are fundamentally position-dependent. They carry more value depending on the liquidity in their region of the payment network graph. This makes them not fungible, and subject to fees for low connectivity."
"Our issue is NOT that Lightning sucks, introduces trust, or is designed poorly. Our problem is that it’s not supposed to be a replacement for Bitcoin."
"we must continue to work on massive scaling with the haste of Mercury. BTC taught businesses to be reluctant to adopt onchain Bitcoin. BCH has to make up for that by building the onchain transaction superhighway."
"TIL that Lightning Network conceptual design and focus to layer 2 scaling for BTC was introduced in February 2013, over 6 years ago!"