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it means less disruption in the long run. We are where the internet was in the 80's.
the restaurant built and tables set before the customers walk in the door. And it's better to have the biggest changes when the fewest people are using the network,
BCH is not a finished product, the reasoning for the regular protocol upgrades in the short term is that there is still a long way to go before the bitcoin cash network can cope with global demand. It's better to have
"If Bitcoin (the technology) is actually antifragile then BCH (the implementation) should be practically indestructible by now, because no other blockchain or community has been so ruthlessly 'tried by fire'"
I see you and Ed everywhere, and you both have nothing of value to contribute. Go focus on BSV.
Math is beautiful
That's when he stopped talking about the hijacking. He also stopped talking about the censorship. Very soon after that he became an advocate for whatever the hijackers were saying.
Andreas Antonopoulos realized that BTC was hijacked, because he posted all about it in 2013:
Then someone sent him a huge "donation" of BTC.
but censorship resistance is the crown jewel. Build censorship resistant apps and we will win."
"Average Joe pays less than 2% of his annual income/year to inflation. Average Joe pays more than 35% of his annual income/year to extortion. Limited supply is a nice feature,
undergrad students (which apparently was abandoned after a few "drops") and the occasional positive coverage on the magazine MIT Technology Review.
want, like any block size increase).
That may also explain why MIT has seemed to more friendly bitcoin than most other universities. See the old plan for a $100 BTC "airdrop" to their
package, and thus has the final say on which BIPs are accepted (basically, those that Blockstream wants, like SegWit) and which are rejected (basically, those that Blockstream does not
bitcoin-supporting research project funded by unknown private sponsors. DCI pays the salary of Wladimir Van Der Laan, the chief Core developer. He holds the master key to the GitHub
Digital Garage was co-founded by Joi Ito, the director of MIT's famous Media Lab research center.

That explains why the Media Lab also hosts the Digital Currency Initiative, a
Blockstream's latest product is officially corporatizing Bitcoin Core for their own financial gain. They preach open source to the community but they are corrupt fat cats who stole BTCs future!
Amaury: "People who joined the space over the last 2 years or so (probably the majority by now) may not realize this, but you used to be able to purchase @Dell computer, games on @steam_games and numerous shops."
John Mcafee on the run from IRS Tax Evasion charges, running 2020 Presidential Campaign from Venezuela in Exile
Instead of saying it failed, why not say what's wrong with it so people could fix it?
Wow. Interesting!
It's weird to recognize how BSV, BCH, and BTC have no privacy but anonymity by design, and how that's... not ideal.
Theymos promotes Grin being superior than Lightning Network and Monero:
bailing out because they boxed themselves into their own narratives with BTC? Any attempt to scale on-chain now will certainly result in another BCH-like split, and they know it."
"Blockstream are just launching their new scam, using the Mimble Wimble they kept touting for BTC forever for hype. No wonder BTC development is basically at a standstill, they don't even work on it anymore.
Are they
There are many reasons to be excited about OpenBazaar right now - a new mobile app is about to launch, the new multiwallet is working incredibly well, and Chinese translation nears 100%