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"What is the cost of lies? It's not that we'll mistake them for the truth. The real danger is that if we hear enough lies, then we no longer recognize the truth at all" ~ "Chernobyl"


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"Nature Abhors a Vacuum: Why Trump's Proposed Negative Rates Bode Well for Bitcoin - Bitcoin News"
Are negative rates going to help the price?

Be careful with this guy. He's a scammer.
Memo site had a short outage due to a code update. The issue has been resolved, sorry for the inconvenience.
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Is there a way for memo to enable paywalls? Pay a set amount to read someone's posts. #dailymemo
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Crescentcash has telegram now
Ever noticed most top coin crypto devs & exchange owners...either praise USDT or say nothing...disappointing to see them involved in this scam.
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Haven't run into a single bug with Memorandums yet, you did an amazing job!!
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I corrected it in a comment.
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Ads could pay per views like on YT.
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Will it be based on the memo protocol?
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It takes time to do it manually.
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Can't wait for a government to outlaw BSV. Let's see their "pro-government" theology then.
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BSV wasn't set up to make crypto succeed, it was set up to be the only coin which makes it in case crypto becomes popular.
Gavin Andresen explains why "poisonous blocks" are no longer a serious threat
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The link was accidentally pasted.
Lisk Foundation liquidated 4,000 BCH in July and August. They will liquidate their remaining 4,000 BCH soon.
Many Govs wanted a ban on crypto but couldnt do it...
Thanks to USDT (now#1 in trade volume!) its giving the GOVS a reason to ban protect its people from counterfeit usd in crypto form.
Very excited to see new but old bitcoiners join our team to help revolutionize money for the world. Welcome! #dailymemo #bch
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Privacy is a fundamental human right.
I have posted enough here to completely debunk the demolition myth, and explained how every event happened. The Truth movement covered info and lied to make it look like an inside job.