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with no future prospects chain, for a short-term profit, while the real problem they have, a Bitcoin that scales doesn't get hashpower for distant future value.
resort, but they will still make another step in the divide and conquer. All the useful hashpower is now sucked into the non threatening CRippled BTC which is working to mine a deadend
5. what "they" were planning all along was to divide the chain in as many splits as possible and to leave weaker and weaker chains. They know ABC can always change the PoW as last
to lure in hashpower to his chain and now that his mask came off and his obvious against Bitcoin he's recruiting BTCers, who's interest is BCH to fail, to help him.
4. if BCH is to be worth anything it HAS to be attacked and be able to survive it.

[1] That's why he was pushed so incredibly hard in the media -
to lure in hashpower through market forces[1] to his chain.

3. at the bright side: when BCH is attacked by brute force it's a sign BCH dev hasn't been successfully co-opted.
2. the CSW Tweets should be regarded as noise since he was recruited to stop Bitcoin from scaling, not to have a profitable business: his "papers" and patents are just a cover story
1. The Hashwar has nothing to do with the mining incentive model since here external money is thrown to mine at a loss. It's not one chain attacking another chain, it's FIAT attacking usable crypto.
BitcoinCashHoarder is CSW.
I may have overreacted, looks like the best SV will achieve will be to force a chain split once more, nothing more.
There was never grassroot support to SV. Never!
Let's look at the bright side: when BCH is attacked by force it's a good sign BCH devs haven't been successfully co-opted.
and which can spend other people's money - the money the people holding Bitcoin pay with their taxes.
A TREMENDOUS OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE MILLIONS IN THE MARKET. They're allies with the side which isn't subject to the law (because it is the law)
Blockstream, Core, nChain, and the rest of the bunch don't even have to get paid directly to sabotage Bitcoin, they can simply get in exchange intel and inside information from their rivals' communication GIVING THEM
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Memes are for Coretards.
They are going to try to destroy BCH, weather on the SV or ABC chain. After that they will simply start mining BTC.
All masks are coming of now. If SV manages to get majority hashrate they won't allow users to use their chain. They are a hit team.
SV attacking BCH right now is really the powers that be getting an opportunity to go back in a time machine to stop BTC while it's still small.
Changing the PoW will be ideal since Bitmain can still mine BTC but since it owns 1M BCH it will keep supporting it.
@yaanis no, there's a much simpler answer:
BTC is more profitable to mine currently, so to save the BCH chain would be a game of who chickens out first.
Otherwise, this is just a failed experiment destroyed by those seeking power over others. We can't let that happen."