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The United States is a nation of laws: badly written and randomly enforced.


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Roger Ver continues to spread Bitcoin Cash in Korea! He was asked a difficult question by a journalist - does Bitcoin Have intrinsic value?
Check out my new Bitcoin Cash merchant directory at
It's still in beta, I'll be spending the next week populating with merchants. If anyone wants to help, feel free to sign up and go to town!
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Memo is the first dapp that has more users than investors.
... narratives can significantly affect our perception of value. In the current crypto market climate, reality is often overlooked in favor of narrative propagation."
"Narratives are an immensely powerful tool, so much so, that experts generally attribute civilization’s rapid development to humans’ ability to efficiently tell stories. Due to their impact on human behavior,
"Current-you preventing short-term-future-you from stealing from long-term-future-you" aka saving account :
Stefan Molyneux predicts Blockstream takeover of Bitcoin in 2014:
I can switch my miners over to another pool within seconds, changing my vote.
Bigger blocks do not cause increased mining centralization, miners do not run full nodes, the pools do. This is a type of free market of pools, or a form of representative democracy for miners.
It's not a specific algorithm, is not a specific forum, nor a specific group of people, not a ticker symbol, it is Satoshi's vision of permissionless P2P cash for the entire world.
Bitcoin is an idea, not the result of some quasi-empirical gatekeeping.

Bitcoin is a fully-validating, infinitely redundant, distributed database which administers write-access using PoW proofs.
In terms of what made "Bitcoin" bitcoin, the only thing the Core (soft)fork retains is the ticker. The only thing Core cares about is being backward compatible so it'll have a claim for the brand name.
One of the most fascinating things about this sphere is in how it reveals how the "real world" works. Exactly the same tactics are used in politics.
Ltc cash was the last in a series of forks created to make on chain scaling proponents look ridiculous and their effort seem futile.
Looks to me like the purpose of this is the same as Bitcoin Gold and all the other Bitcoin forks: to make it look like Bitcoin Cash is one of many pointless forks.
Litecoin Cash created to supposedly compete with Bitcoin Cash. The fact that people feel threatened enough by BCH to pull shit like this is making me even more confident in BCH.
BCH is a peer to peer electronic cash system.
BTC is not.
With BAKKT the banks are trying to replace grass roots mass adoption with corporately forced adoption: