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There are reports that transactions are stuck. Here is a test memo to check.
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Unfortunately, I read it much too late.😟
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Thank you, just received a gift from Gianna96.
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It's very nice.
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Yes, that's what I wrote here too.
The strong LTC growth is remarkable. What is it due to?
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It should still be ready in July.
Does anyone know why there are so many transactions on the Litecoin network lately (even more on the Bitcoin Cash network)?
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There are more and more unfilled blocks in the BTC network. It seems that it is being used less and less. Are people turning away from BTC?
Have a nice day
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I can't post therefore I've tried to comment.
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BCH/BTC ratio greater than 0.025.
Next target 0.03
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on the internet
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I will test some on my local notebook today. The programmes can be found here:

I don't know if there are any to test
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You have made a good description. I have Ubuntu 20.4 and it worked. I had some problems compiling the smartbchd. I must have done something wrong.
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I took the source code from an Ethereum example. It worked.

According to docs, not everything Ethereum can do is supported yet, but many projects can probably be ported from Ethereum.
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Today I set up and ran the Single Node Private Testnet as described here:

Then I created a small website that runs simple smart contracts with node.js. it worked.
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That also annoys me a lot. I now only use member for my notifications and for subscribed topics. I no longer click on the member logo at all.
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I don't know of any test cases that can be tested yet, but I'm sure there will be some soon. You can try to claim testcoins with the faucet, but it doesn't work very well.
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Wrong Address format. It's Bitcoin legacy address
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I tried out the SmartBCH testnet today. If you want some test satoshis, write addr in comment. Config:

RPC Url:

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Sorry, but the fact that they don't support BCH is reason enough for me not to use it.