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There are reports that transactions are stuck. Here is a test memo to check.
Does anyone know why there are so many transactions on the Litecoin network lately (even more on the Bitcoin Cash network)?
Have a nice day
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BCH/BTC ratio greater than 0.025.
Next target 0.03
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Today I set up and ran the Single Node Private Testnet as described here:

Then I created a small website that runs simple smart contracts with node.js. it worked.
I tried out the SmartBCH testnet today. If you want some test satoshis, write addr in comment. Config:

RPC Url:

I just wrote an email to Medusa so that they also support Bitcoin Cash for donations.
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Member is spammed with BitClout content. After a long interruption, I switch back to Memo. BitClout is junk. I have to give a phone number. Only supports BTC and not BCH.
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Just updated my Bitcoin Unlimited node to the version 1.9.2
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A new Hayden Otto's Video

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The BTC mempool never rises above 90 MB, but transactions with low fees keep disappearing. Are they deleted from the mempool by the miners? Is this how the miners want to keep the mempool constant?
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Some people don't understand the point of Bitcoin Cash
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An interesting video about the history of Bitcoin.

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415d · Flipstarter
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An Austrian payment provider accepts since few days Bitcoin Cash