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replied 9d
I actually tried to register with the BitClout, but when I saw that they require phone number and only support BTC, I gave up.
replied 9d
That is no loss. Be happy that you don't see it. You can't interact with these people. I have the impression that they are some kind of fake accounts.
10d · member
Member is spammed with BitClout content. After a long interruption, I switch back to Memo. BitClout is junk. I have to give a phone number. Only supports BTC and not BCH.
replied 10d
I just replied to a BitClout post. It is not visible on the BitClout network. I don't see the point of reading the BitClout posts here.
replied 10d
replied 10d
Do BitClout users see the posts I make on Member? Or at least my replies?
10d · bitcoin cash
Just updated my Bitcoin Unlimited node to the version 1.9.2
14d · bitcoin
19d · bitcoin cash
A new Hayden Otto's Video

How to use with Electron Cash
replied 21d
Yes they are being dropped. I think it was change made at the previous ath backlog.
21d · bitcoin
The BTC mempool never rises above 90 MB, but transactions with low fees keep disappearing. Are they deleted from the mempool by the miners? Is this how the miners want to keep the mempool constant?
28d · bitcoin cash
31d · Capitalism
Before the dot com bubble burst the s&p price per earring ratio was 32.6. Today it is 42
replied 32d
Not quite. On the free market, for example, there are houses and many people want to have them and cannot get them because they do not have enough money.
replied 33d
Wait! You mean we're not supposed to sell it back to the system that made cryptocurrency necessary in the first place? But what about my car with fancy rims?! I have people to impress!
replied 33d

In 2020, 658,000 people died in France - 7.3 per cent more than in 2019
replied 33d
1% pop are 78,000,000 people . It is more than all the inhabitants of France.
replied 33d
Happy Easter to you too 🥚🐇
33d · bitcoin cash
Some people don't understand the point of Bitcoin Cash
34d · bitcoin cash
35d · bitcoin cash
An interesting video about the history of Bitcoin.

35d · bitcoin cash
I just paid an invoice with BCH using