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Mary Janes side profile. Made with buds ,grinders, and some hemp string. #art #creative #bchpls #cannabis
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The way eDumper is used, it requires almost no energy supply.
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This tool is for BCH airdrop, not for token airdrop.
A smart idea for a “zero energy vehicle”.
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slp dividend calculator can help
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conducting an experiment with NFTs on Memo
EXV2 is the first NFT issued,there will be more
NFTs will be given out for FREE
I make no clain that they have value presently or in the future
this is an experiment,have fun
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Which one would you recommend?
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Is BSV used to buy anything?
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What color do you prefer for the Bitcoin Cash logo?
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Especially the Exchanges. Otherwise the miner and Exchanges stay on the old chain and keep BCH ticker.
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There is a danger of a 51% attack. I'm not sure it's reflected in the price.
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Maybe you're right. Algo chang would be dangerous, but even the current state is no less dangerous.
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But the hash would probably fall extremely and so would the price. Also, after such fork the sha256 miner would continue to mine the old BCH. Nobody would follow the new fork.
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Wouldn't it have the consequence that the miners would stop mining and the price would fall?