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My name is Henry.
It's hard to find thse days with so many lambo moonboys permeating crypto. I mostly talk in mining communities to find discussion of these kinds of economics
Generate your own "proof" that you are Satoshi Nakamoto here:
That is the problem but btc it's definitely not sustainable. Fees are going to go high for them. Core might even change software to screw them lie they did vitalik.
That's great for pizza places, but we need something to usher in more general business adoption too. We also need a better way to announce the onboarded stores to the community
Hashpower is more of an illusion of security, rather than anything meaningful.
Yesterday 330374-329773=601 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈7.7%|abc(330357-329756=601,📈7.7%),sv(719093-718862=231,📈11.6%)
More than 30 % of BTC traffic stems from the Veriblock project

Look at how healthy BCH mining is right now. It's even more profitable to mine than BTC currently -

Here's a centralized blockchain for comparison, and here's a broken one from BTC maximalists' perspectives just for shits and giggles -

I don't mind :P
BitcoinABC-0.19.0 released.
I dont mine
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If the fiat financial systems collapse, it can go quite quickly
Yesterday 329773-329215=558 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈15.3%|abc(329756-329198=558,📈15.3%),sv(718862-718655=207,📈8.4%)

No SV supporters want to comment on this? I thought you would be able to come up with some great conspiracy theories about Bitcoin socialists or Jihan/Ver. Are you guys running out of steam?
If you want privacy, you have to give up WhatsApp.
Hi Memo, new here, sent here by BitcoinCashActivist