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Bankster price guardians were asleep at the switch when BCH/BTC swap orders came through,
perhaps ?
We watch BCH price get hammered back down every time by wash trades, but someday...
replied 109d
It has risen against BTC, the increase in fiat price is just a side-effect.
replied 109d
And why it has risen against BTC?
Does anyone know why the dollar price of Bitcoin Cash has risen so sharply?
replied 122d
The halving means that the miners will only receive half the BCH for each block they find. This makes BCH more valuable.
replied 122d
3.125 BCH
replied 122d
I meant Bitcoin Cash BCH, but it works just like BTC. And it happens about 4.5 years
68 Days and 9774 Blocks until the halvening of Bitcoin Cash.
I have checked Unfortunately, I had to realise that BCH adoption has declined significantly. There used to be many places in Slovenia where you could pay with BCH. Now there is almost nothing. Sad.

Good morning memo cash family
It's a cool foggy morning I'm in love with this weather it's good and romantic weather for those who are fre but not easy for workers it's not easy to work
BCH for Everyone
Does anyone know why there have been so many Litecoin transactions lately?
Unbank Yourself With Bitcoin Cash
replied 139d
Isn't it too expensive?
Don't know why I am not receiving any tip. I am trying my best to drop ideal post. But receiving no reward. I think tipping system is totally rebotic.
What you all think about it guys?

The pic are showing a husband to art on her wife's legs or hand's nail by Mehedi.It's Unbelievable.How wonder to each other of love.
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The New Memo page triggers your balance to be updated which for users with large history can take awhile. We have improvements in pipeline. Thanks for feedback.
Prices are rising, but we are still a long way from ATH
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Yes , it happened some times only . especially here in rush hours of internet. 7pm to 10,pm
I sometimes have problems writing a memo. The page cannot be loaded. Is it the same for you?
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Welcome back
replied 144d
Long time no see,
but we still await your candid observations.
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Thank you very much. I'm delighted to read that.
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