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· 3m
Anybody from Uganda here on memo? Do you have to pay tax for using memo?
· 7h
we can't tipping or posted here again because my bch balance going zero and I'm poor can't buy more bch or change really needed all memo user tips guy's taking me here and life
I love you guys ❤
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What'd he do?
· 14h · Bitcoin Cash
check out my new website where you can buy anything with Bitcoin Cash. This is the very first version so improvements will come. Feedback is welcome.
· 6h · Bitcoin Cash
Binance to Add Bitcoin Cash to Its Decentralized Exchange
· 11h
Just had my 10 year old daughter send her first Bitcoin Cash transaction feeding the chickens.
replied · 16h
All you have to do is be patient and wait long enough.
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If you see a post that lifts your mood...send em some Rockets 🚀
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Test passed
· 20h
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· 19h · Hong Kong
· 19h
Hmmm my one and only comment was liked by Channel 👍♥️
Watch how Roger Ver explained SLP and answered tough questions regarding 'regulations' to cryptos...

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Sent 1000 KT
· 19h
Bitpanda Users Can Now Pay Bills With Crypto
· 19h
Bitcoin Boost: Former CFTC Officials Propose A Blockchain-Based Dollar Fearing Weakening Fiat
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A very good choice.
· 1d
Just got perma banned from twitter for calling out a scammer, I guess im full time on now.
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· 1d
Hello i'm new here , follow me and give some like thanks
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Much, much better.
· 1d
Spent only ten minutes reading through posts, and already I can tell this will be better than twitter.