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I think so, too. These "North American and European miners who want to remain anonymous". I don't like the sound of that. Hopefully it is not hostile BTC miners who want to destroy
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Competition != War
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Was the last hash war wise?
I hope there's no hash war again.😟
I translated imaginary_username's article against the current proposal into French:
14h · bitcoin cash
An incomplete history of the Bitcoin Cash's origin and the Minimum Viable Fork project
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I hope there won't be a split. We need anything but a split.
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High risk can also bring high profits.
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If there is another split, this will be the end of Bitcoin Cash.
Free Bitcoins: The Possibility to Waste Your Time and Money
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Should I drink a cup of coffee?
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How soon?
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If we consider Satoshi's statement for BCH, it is true.