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8h · memo
Yesterday, there were
153987 txs on BCH chain, 306036 txs on BTC. BCH tx dominance=BCH/BTC=50.3%
1309466-1308610=856 memo txs, 📈29.7% (compared w/ prev 660), account for 0.6% of all BCH txs
5h · memo
#BitcoinCash at $1300! Told you to expect great things on it's way.
5h · Bitcoin Cash
#BCH at $1300 is indeed soothing in the eyes. Expect more great things on the way.
10h · Bitcoin Cash

My 2023 coin price fortune jinxing:
Doge: $4-$6
BCH: $3000-$10000
Reddcoin: $0.02-$0.08
Monacoin: $6-$30
BTC: $50000-$90000
10h · memo
New ATH for BCH . See? Great things is on the way.
10h · bitcoin cash
#BCH just started, expect something great on the way!!
17h · memo
@SuperHacker and @georgengelmann , i love both of this individuals, how they share valuable information in this topic! Salute to you both!
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Dude free yourself from banks, have control to your own money, be your own bank, Go decentralized! Go with #BCH!
18h · Memo
Keep on hodl with your #BCH, it is continuously evolving, so expect something great on the way!!!
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the worst part is they can't even see your comments if you leave one and IDK who gets the tips. doesn't have all that spam and you can use your same account
replied 19h
Oh yeah, the best way to not get annoyed to those bitclout sh*ts.
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That also annoys me a lot. I now only use member for my notifications and for subscribed topics. I no longer click on the member logo at all.
1d · member
Opening my member, all i see is BitClout thing, like why? Barely see post that supports BCH, because they are too much!
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1d · memo
Go decentralized! Be your own bank! Have control on your money! G o with #BCH!! Periodt!
1d · bitcoin cash
Forget about BTC maxis, don't just ignore them, you'll feel at ease bruh i swear!
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2d · bitcoin cash
If you are into crypto and you don't have #BCH on your wallet, bruh! You're missing alot!
4d · bitcoin cash
What a great start for $BCH this month.
4d · bitcoin cash
Isn't it great to see #BCH back to $1000?