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Calm_down_stupid 15kFCL
Hello to the people watching the btc dumbasses que up for a expensive bus ride on txstreet!!
Today is stress test day! Every time someone likes this post at least one more post will be sent depending on the tip amount. Happy stress test day everyone! I hope this is not too annoying , it is just for today 24h.
1150d ·
Guys: Coinex are going to try to steal the BCH ticker if they lose the hash war. Read their latest anouncement. Do NOT keep all of your BCH on their exchange to keep it "safe" as
1149d · txBlaster2_bot
Hi @txBlaster3, I just sent your tx's (run id: R585), bye!
Hello stress day, hello txstreet, hello humans!
David Tucker
It's a little passed midnight, going to bed, best of luck with the stress test. I donated $8 at the bottom of the stress test website, easiest way for me to contribute to BCH. night
1149d ·
we are near 1 million transactions today already. so happy!