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I saw a tweet from Vin Armani and would like to understand what he was about OP_CHECKDATASIG being so important. Cheers!
replied · 117d
I don't think you've put much thinking behind that...
replied · 119d
Indeed it is, that what makes it pathetic too. The whole scheme is ridiculous.
replied · 119d
This pump is absolutely shameless, they wouldn't even imagine doing this kind of shit on Wall Street. Pathetic scumbags. The market has to get rid of them.
IT's absolutely pathetic, Ayre and CSW would not even dare thinking about doing that on Wall Street. Complete manipulation, it's ridiculous.
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replied · 121d
Welcome on board!
I haven't read nor heard anything since he was supposed to provide documents.
replied · 131d
its an easier way of creating your own crypto currency. In the future, tokens may be able to be redeemed on e-commerce websites and other dapps.
I'm fairly new to BCH.