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1d · Xolos Ramirez
Letra y video oficial del himno de Xolos Ramirez, El Mejor Criadero Xoloitzcuintle en México.

7h · Memo
2024-04-15, there were
53119 txs on BCH chain, 451190 txs on BTC. BCH tx dominance=BCH/BTC=11.8%
1867234-1866407=827 memo txs, 📈14.5%(compared w/ prev 722), account for 1.6% of all BCH txs
When we know people's needs and when we know what BCH does, then we get a perfect symbiosis of BCH and people - Use BCH once and you will never stop.
I discussed BCH with a developer,and he recently reached out to inform me that he added BCH as a payment method for his VPN app.This has sparked interest among many local developers in Nigeria to start adding BCH.
BCH is an inspiration that never stops, always one step ahead for people's needs with a mission to break free from the chains of censorship.
Inside Israel not everyone is aligned with Netanyahu's goverment. For example, ortodox jewish community they are simply ignoring all the propaganda and have never paid taxes to the Zionist entity.
BREAKING: 🇭🇰 Hong Kong set to approve spot #Bitcoin    & Ethereum ETFs by Monday - Bloomberg

Up to $25 Billion in demand for Bitcoin from China is expected to be unlocked.
Coinbase Derivatives launch of Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin a success, Dogecoin coming soon

What happened to the fall in the price of BCH today?
It's sad to see that he is red. But I believe that he will recover when the time is right.
BCH# Is an ipmerator of love, creativity, synergy, openness, security and represents the Blockchain Future.
This trend of increasing ad costs and decreasing ROAS on Meta has been noticeable for a while and seems to only be worsening. Meta's decision to automate ad targeting with their pixel, is part of this problem.
PSA Every BCHG share only contains 0.00858247 BCH. To work out the fair value you multiply the amount of BCH per share by BCH spot price eg. $606 x 0.00858247 = $5.2. Its trading for 3x-5x that price.
While some yearn for the weekend to rest,I heard the plan involves altering all the plumbing on planet Earth so that the faucets in our homes dispense only beer instead of water.
Discover cash is an attractive new website that lets anyone get up to speed on Bitcoin Cash.From fundamentals to latest developments, share it with anyone who wants to know more about the future of money for the world
BCH Bitcoin Cash ETFs coming?

I think I read somewhere, that a few are already in discussion and awaiting to be approved by regulators, that would give in my view adoption a huge boost. Any news on #BCH ETFs?
thanks to the faucet that I can save bch even if it's small.
To be able to do the will of God, God must be with you; Christ must be with you. Otherwise, you will fail. (Jn. 15:5, #MorningReminder
Hearing a lot about #BitcoinCash pumping and you wonder why? Check out and learn what we have been up to recently. You may be surprised.
I fully welcome and encourage everyone and anyone to take any #BitcoinCash content I create and remix and reuse and redistribute it in any form with or without credit as long as you are not using it to impersonate me.
You may not care about or think Peer-To-Peer electronic cash is important now, but when you do, it will still be here and we kept it alive for you. #BitcoinCash
BCH has shown that it can jump 10/20% but all that is only a small part of its true value which is stronger every day

#BCH #BitcoinCash #smartBCH
BCH is an option that never gets old, it always meets human needs and gives everyone a chance to succeed.
In Mexico election scenario is trending the use of blockchain for government processes and AI education for the kids. We are entering a new world very quickly .
BCH becomes a true leader of the Blockchain mission that connects oases of abundance with human needs.

#BCH #BitcoinCash #BCHNEWS
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