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You can play tipping 10k or 100k. If you win the jackpot will be sent to your memo.

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replied · 274d
Yup, I saw that. Thanks for fixing it! 👍
replied · 280d
Hey that's me! Tried it on a whim to see if it would work! I'll move the 98k winnings to my memo account 💰
replied · 294d
replied · 297d
replied · 278d
I just won again!! But no TXID for the winnings 😫
Closing round #30311 bet-100000 | 1 bets | Drawn Number: 39097.582495 | Winner Number: 48958.499026 | Sent to Winner: 100000 sats | TXID: 5f6a2fb5f1e1b246364ad01619fbcd033e9f5ffaf8b7f49b149ade1410acb019
Ah, that's my 'Legacy Adress'?
replied · 301d
Very nice 👍
replied · 301d
oh my, is this going to be Satoshi Dice 2.0? Nooooo!