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replied · 13h
No privacy policy or terms of service, no favicon, No about page, no reviews page, no customer portal, No shipping tracking page, no resource pages.
replied · 13h
I need some customers before I get reviews :) I just put it online today. Thanks for all your feedback.
· 19h
Please save your 500 sat tips for me
· 14h · Bitcoin Cash
check out my new website https://spedn.cc/ where you can buy anything with Bitcoin Cash. This is the very first version so improvements will come. Feedback is welcome.
· 8h
SLP balances scanned at block: 605038
Airdrop amount: 0.03153914 BCH
Paid to holders of SLP ID: 6448381f9649ecacd8c30189cfbfee71a91b6b9738ea494fe33f8b8b51cbfca0 aka "SOUR"
Minimum SLP balance for airdrop: 420 SOUR
· 14h
Do you remember? What was your biggest tip on memo.cash received & sent?
· 11h
Just had my 10 year old daughter send her first Bitcoin Cash transaction feeding the chickens.
replied · 4h
He's just a crypto celebrity.
replied · 11h
· 12h
I wonder who will be the first legitimate celebrity to create a memo account? #dailymemo
· 4h
Hello this is my first post to test of is working. I hope it is so i whant to say to all have a nice day.
· 14h
250 Rocket RKT🚀airdrop to anyone that replies to this message before 20th Oct
replied · 1h
Rocket Brothers
· 10h · Memo
I think I've figured out why token balances sometimes display incorrectly. Should hopefully have a fix out soon
replied · 3h
Shit, all my SLP balances are gone....
· 22h
Bitchute.com accepts BCH donations.

Kingsley Ndaguba
· 22h
Finally have a payment system that works. Peer to peer and censorship resistant money. Long live BCH & Bitcoin.com👍👍👍
· 22h
interesting that Honest.cash chooses to rebrand and launch an ERC-20 token instead of SLP.

· 22h · Memo
BCH: 592691-591618=1073 memo txs. num of tx📉57.1%, account for 2.2% of all BCH txs(49123)
BSV: 809170-809017=153 memo txs. num of txs📉33.2%, (200986)
BTC: (343472), BCH/BTC=14.3%
· 1d

Bitcoin price is tanking by the day and we’re all down right now, but we still have each other.

Yee-claw, pardner.
· 1d
Hello i'm new here , follow me and give some like thanks
· 1d · SLP - Simple Ledger Protocol
SLP usage is growing a lot. Now a little over 7000 transactions today.
· 1d
Seems like everyone is calling for prices to crash. Might be a good time to buy. Not financial advice. #dailymemo
· 1d