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It's hard to find thse days with so many lambo moonboys permeating crypto. I mostly talk in mining communities to find discussion of these kinds of economics
Agreed - also needs to help those merchants get more publicity when they support BCH
Because SegWit is too complex! Most BTC supporter don't fully understand what it is.
Venezuela Live Aid will be on february 23, the US army will introduce medicines and food, Maduro says that if they put their foot in Venezuelan ground our army will shoot against US army.
I think this story will end like Panama or Chile, and Maduro will be locked up just like Noriega did.
That's great for pizza places, but we need something to usher in more general business adoption too. We also need a better way to announce the onboarded stores to the community
He probably says it to sound big. I doubt he is dumb enough to fire on the American army. He would have signed his own death warrant.
Why be scared of Bernie? He is not a socialist. Just a guy who advocates for strong social programs. Social programs are not socialism.

Just claimed some free Zcash on Coinbase Earn.

I do not mine,
but I would guesstimate few miners are willing to simply volunteer such info publicly.
There are real risks with being vocal about their [perceived] 'wealth'.
Even though BCH has less of the hashrate, it's still a more resilient network as it's not prone to develop backlogs and won't shit itself if a considerable amount of miners leave it.
and there is reorg protection.
Hashpower is more of an illusion of security, rather than anything meaningful.
you know how to get all that free stuff.
30 % of all transactions according to Bitcoin.com. Their source was https://testnet.explore.veriblock.org/network-stats

Now it represents less than 14 %.
With BTC transactions hitting new highs, we should remember that Segwit will never bring us 4-megabyte blocks. How do people still get this wrong?
It makes no sense to obsess with the price of any crypto-currency as long as most of the demand is speculative.
Nice! Must try that 😊 thanks.
Just thinking the same. Bch would welcome them with open arms, btc chain treats them like thieves.
Yesterday 330374-329773=601 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈7.7%|abc(330357-329756=601,📈7.7%),sv(719093-718862=231,📈11.6%)
But our hash power may not enough for them
That is the problem but btc it's definitely not sustainable. Fees are going to go high for them. Core might even change software to screw them lie they did vitalik.
Yes, core is not as open as other open source organizations. They are not friendly to other developers.