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If you plan to go to #Budapest #Hungary I know a guy who accepts crypto for renting a room. Let me know and I will give you contact details.
Spread some love and help with BCH adoption: https://airdropvenezuela.org/#Donate
The british pound £ (GBP) is dropping in value. Now is a good time to do your Christmas shopping through Amazon.co.uk and save an additional 20-30% by using Purse.io
Yesterday 300241-299821=420 memo transactions. Number of transactions📉11.8%|abc(300230-299810=420,📉11.8%),sv(300076-298803=1273,📈71.8%)|Number of memo txs reached 300k🎉
Cool - and nice cats too :)
Uploading Cat Pics via Chat.chat
With Chat.chat,Really easy to upload images.
i Love it!!
Even if the LN will be PERMISSIONLESS, it can't possibly be PRIVATE since it relies on direct and/or long-living connections, which is, surprise-surprise, exactly where the government has a big edge by being almost
So it's a PR move to make it look like BSV is more active on Memo than it actually is?
But most of them are meaningless to public.
Every `timestamp.network` created today post 3 actions. Which will increase sv.memo.cash statistics with hundreds of actions. Till now, there have been 300059-298803=1256 txs.
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Memo is the coolest thing on the cryptosphere right now
Some SV supporters starting to talk like CSW makes me little creepy and scary 😨
i have dumped everything. now i have lots of BCH :)
Total bullshit. All the hash power supported these changes expect for Calvin's. CSW and Calvin said for a whole 6 months: let's let POW decide. Well, right now BCH has 25% more POW
BSV literally stands for Bull Shit Vision.
Oh good. I'm trying to split and dump my SV as it is.
And the effect on prices and confidence in the crypto space has been profound, one could argue they've achieved at least some success."
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All I'm saying, is that these are clearly not the actions of someone with the same philosophical views or technical expertise as Satoshi Nakamoto.
All my BSV is gone now and I think I sold at the top ;)
Increased my BCH and XMR holdings.
There are 100 accounts named `timestamp.network` who created a lot of hash messages in sv memo site. Which makes hunders of tx per day on sv memo site. http://timestamp.network/
It?s manipulation, look here