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Craig S Wiright is not Satoshi Nakamoto. He is just a malicious conman. Sue me #calvin #faketoshi
I love to see that the on-chain activity of BCH have recently increased organically to 40-50 thousand tx per day. It is not my impression that it is caused by "stress test" script bursts. Seems like steady activity :)
5 million BCH moved in the last 24 hours and 50.000 transactions - impressive
bch price
test of price robot
A song in honor of all the BCH holders in light of the recent price surge:
CET is surging in price in recent weeks. Breakout from bull flag today :)
https://acceptbitcoin.cash/ directory now lists 1039 merchants which accepts BCH. Up from ~960 last week.

Make sure to help them add new listings
I am continuously being asked to enter my Memo password today. What's up with that? It's annoying.
Marco Coino directory is stagnant for several weeks at 751. Also acceptbitcoin.cash is so slow at updating new merchants.
Please don't tip this post.
I will only use the tips received for drugs, alcohol, gambling and women.
So Kevin Pham switched back to support BTC again... Why are people following such idiots anyway...
Personally, I currently have a target of having min. 5% of my assets in BCH. If below this limit I accumulate monthly. If between 5-10% I spend and replace. Above 10% I just spend.
How much of your net worth have you invested into cryptocurrencies/BCH? What is your rationale for the proportion you have allocated? Do you systematic approach to this?
I will create a new true bitcoin. It is to be called Bitcoin Actually, because it actually is bitcoin. The protocol will never be changed. With my new community I plan to take over the world. Who's in with me?
Rest in Peace Luke Perry aka Dylan McKay
Beverly Hills 90210 basically defined the early 90's for my generation.
It's oh so quiet on Memo right now (where are you shitposters?)
I like dobe4ever's analysis - and she is a BCH fan too :)
Generate your own "proof" that you are Satoshi Nakamoto here:
Ready Player One