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The unexpected consequence of the new 12.5% development fund proposal will is that everyone is using read.cash!
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At this point I feel BCH community is bored and is just being dramatic about the funding proposal. Can we just chill for a moment please? You guys are just wasting adoption efforts with all this negativity
1BCH = 0.04231246 BTC.
Looking forward to seeing 0.1 again!!!!
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the value beyond repair I believe.

2) It is neccessary to find another way that better resonates with volyntarism ie. the ethos of BCH.
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to admit that I have reached the conclusion that

1) With this amount of contention, this is simply not worth risking a split over. BCH cannot afford another split. It would shatter
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I'm feeling the same way. Not splitting is the most important thing right now. We can come up with Plan B's for funding.
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I am really hate Member for allowing these long posts. I think Twitter’s multi-tweet style is much better, because it allows liking the parts of a post you agree with.
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From the very beginning, I thought the funding mechanism is fine, but the HK Corp always gave me pause.

Until we have a decentralized and network-wide way to distribute funds, we
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I hope there's no hash war again.😟
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Got 33% off this order , purse is legit . Pretty genius platform . Kudos to the creators . Give it a shot , you can pay with btc or #bch. https://purse.io/?_r=m2vywf
I announce my new BCH project! SIGNUP, a non-custodial web-based key signer and social interaction library for devs. It's still WIP so feel free to checkout the website and leave a feedback 👀

Happy Lunar New Year 2020. 🎉🎆🎆
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Could we maybe not have you minting SLP tokens to pass off as someone else's project? It discourages innovation and paints bitcoin cash and SLP in a negative light.
Just had a 4.5 earthquake.
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I Love bch. 😍😍😍.i wish 1day i get 1st 1bch
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It's also a 6 month change, and the plan hasn't even been finalized yet lol. I understand pushback, and have tried to debate the merits of the idea, but people are flying off the
Whether people agree or disagree with what BCH is doing is irrelevant. If BCH finishes the road map,Bitcoin Cash will have billions of users. That's all that matters. They don't give a squat about mining. .
All I care about is Bitcoin Cash finishing it's road map. I don't care if you call it a tax, a donation, or whatever. You don't have to mine it.I am really getting sick of all the Bull Shit arguing and stupid nonsense
The reality is the majority of people that use crypto are not Libertarian and they only care that it works. It's a very small percentage of people who are going to argue whether it's a tax on miners or not.
The chinese miners & bitcoin.com will implement a funding plan to accellerate the BCH roadmap! This is BIG!!


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