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Im good, what about you? Hey can you reccomend a good PsOne emulator for Windows?
107d · Memo
Its been a long time since writing on memo, hello people!
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202d · bitcoin
Bitcoin prive hits 40k the Bull is running!
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White men are people too
Hehe did you like It? It was a nice theory about life and death
220d · Life
I totally love this video highly recomiendes
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How much do you think a BCH Will be worth in 2021?
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Uther can you tip me some satoshi for changing my old laptop this Christmas? I will be very grateful If you could help me with that, Hope you can help me at least with a little tip :c
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I earned my first 10$ trading cryptocurrencies and Im so excited, can anybody give me some típs or just reccomend me to hodl my coins?
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Let's boycott all Banks and start the crypto revolution of economy! 😁
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