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25 years old, phography, food and more. Venezuela🇻🇪


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Why? Are they corrupt?
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I will make a logo for your brand for 10$ worth of BCH if interested leave a comment here, if you require any other graphic design work just ask me.
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Thanks for being a good person with me
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Why do you have too be mean too her? She doesn't have any money.
She lives in a socialist country, it is not her fault for being born there.
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Thank you Uther, and Im not a scam later I will upload some pics
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Yeah, just go find a girlfriend and stop wanking all day, kid, I think you have a brain damage already, I will post whatever the fuck I want in here you can keep talking shit if u want
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Lets sell yo' momma instead xD
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Hah you are probably just a stupid nerd that wanks all day in his room a hater who watches porn and hate the world all day, you think you are special and smart, but you are just a crap
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Well then go fuck yourself... What are you? a cop? Im just asking for help to buy a new phone not to solve "mistakes of my life" WTF, dude, btw my tubes are tied, im not stupid, sucker
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Hi sir either please help me, I need to buy a Lamborghini lol
Btw , thank you for all the help :)
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Screw you, hope chaos show you a lesson someday, and there will be assholes laughing at your problem like you are being a total asshole making stupid questions.
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Be kind, little arrogant, its easy to judge and being an asshole from the comfort of your chair in your first world country, If you are not going to help just gtfo, pal
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For the same reason your mom did, I was in love, that's the reason, he wasnt the best man but its difficult to understand for a 17yr old girl, are you trying to humilliate me?
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Im trying to make some money for buying a new phone, I accidentally broke my screen, its very difficult for a single mom living in Venezuela to buy a new one, can anybody help me with some BCH? ;_;
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Post some bad ass content if you want the BCH.
It's August.
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Stop trying to say Venezuela is a good example of socialism and freedom just because you hate Trump you dont have to support dictators like Maduro, this country is a slow motion genocide
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