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Can someone send me some satoshis pls? I'd be really helpful! Thank you.
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| me!!
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Ahh so that's it, I misinterpreted the article :( I really need to read more and learn more about this, me just starting is definitely not an excuse! Thanks for sharing the link to
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| think it's not the same and it's even better than BTC!
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Bitcoin Cash is because they think it's the same as Bitcoin. Especially those new in cryptocurrency, they think BTC and BCH are the same, I wish BCH gets more exposure that people
173d · Bitcoin Cash
Me: I'm really into Bitcoin Cash these days.
Him: You mean Bitcoin?
Me: No, really Bitcoin Cash.
...and his face was like "isn't those the same?"

I think 1 reason why some aren't that invested in...
173d · Bitcoin Cash
I'm so excited reading this on the news: Bitcon Cash price is trading at $439, up by more than 5.58% in the past 24 hours and 5.5% in the past seven days 🎉🎉🎉
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Yes, sorry about that! Definitely Bitcoin Cash!!!
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I believe it too!! The time for Bitcoin is definitely coming! It's only a matter of when but it's definitely happening!
184d · Bitcoin
News says: Bitcoin falls back below $32,000 as prices struggle to find steady support

Thoughts on how this affects all of us? I think all things need to rise and fall, it's just a matter of when
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which shows how they see the further growth of cryptocurrencies.
I believe that cryptocurrency is the future. Not all can see it and they doubt it but that makes it an even greater investment now. Look at big companies, they also accept Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies as payment options..
184d · Bitcoin Cash
An article says "In 2021, the currency will continue falling and by the end of the year it will cost only $130."

They say Bitcoin Cash price is a bit under pressure. What's your prediction?
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186d · Bitcoin Cash
I saw a post asking: Is Bitcoin cash Dead?

Nope! This article says BCH might reach $3,067 in just five years' time frame!
187d · bitcoin cash
News says: Bitcoin price continues to drop, pushing select altcoins closer to their critical support levels 👀
I'm applying for a job soon. I'm worried, scared but mostly, I really anticipate being able to earn and provide for myself. Wish me luck!!
191d · Random
Fun Fact: Did you know that although ants love sweets they don't eat them exclusively?
191d · Random
I just watched the Simpsons 2021 predictions and I was shocked about the prediction that people will be able to eat virtually. I don't know if I would be happy about it, wonder how it would feel to eat that
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