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🔥 ¡Nuevo episodio de #LEP2P! Hoy tocamos las diferentes estrategias que pueden llevarse para alcanzar un orden de derecho privado.
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Se vienen cosas grosas para Bitcoin Cash.
If you took away everyone's student loan payment and just added it to their taxes, no one would notice, you'd get "free college", and Bernie Sanders would cry tears of gratitude. 🤡
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Another weekend, another civil war.
How to create your own cashtokens, including published metadata, using the Cashonize web wallet.

Great tutorial by CL:

Bitcoin had its biggest rise when the world realised the need of the Satoshi white paper 📃 then the BTC & BCH fork happened.

The world 🌎 will rediscover this Satoshi white paper with BCH.
🔥 ¡Nuevo episodio de #LEP2P! Esta vez, con un invitado de lujo: Jeremy, de The Bitcoin Cash Podcast, que nos va a contar acerca de la nueva billetera de #BCH, Selene Wallet.
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Bitgree never ceases to amaze me!
Added support for new Amazon stores on https://www.bitgree.com: Belgium 🇧🇪, Netherlands 🇳🇱 and Sweden 🇸🇪 (along with SEK currency).

#BitcoinCash #BCH #SpendBCH #EarnBCH
Satoshi in 2009: "There isn't an off-line mode where double-spenders are caught and shamed after the fact, because that would require participants to have identities. To protect privacy, key pairs are used only once."
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Not every job should pay a "living wage".

I want to do multiple jobs at the same time. I want to do a really low-activity low-wage job on evenings when I'm not busy.

Minimum wage laws are opportunity killers.
The best decentralized digital cash hasn't been invented yet.

The best decentralized digital cash SO FAR, however, has been.
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Credit cards sit as pending for 24 hours and can be reversed after 30 days. BCH is instant unlike Litecoin. Have fun waiting 2 mins in the checkout line!
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LTC has RBF! You must wait 2 mins to confirm on LTC which is unacceptable for most tx's. Not needed for 0-conf which is fine for anything CC's are used for like travel.
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This solution is so easy and obvious that your example cannot even be considered a “problem.”
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But in that case the service provider may wait for a confirmation to release the service. If it detects the double expense, the airline ticket or hotel reservation would be cancelled.
Price is up guys.
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This is true. The user experience is not going to be affected by unpredictable inter-block times. We have the ability to offer secure transactions with 0-conf.
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I don't think it matters to ordinary users. They will have 0-conf instant transactions with Bitcoin Cash. The block can take hours to be mined but the transaction will not be in risk
He participado en un episodio del podcast No Hay Almuerzo Gratis, hablando sobre Bitcoin Cash y Bitgree. Ha sido una experiencia muy buena. 😊

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It’s going to be Memo for me!
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