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On SV reorgs
I'm "pro SV" but I really feel like SV is about watching something bad happens, and then find a way to say it's a good feature
Trying to make a twitter account to follow what's happening on Bitcoin but right now my twitter feed is crap. Who should I follow ?
I want only Bitcoin stuff. And no one posting "just use bch it works" it's boring

"It's a feature. Not a bug"
"No transactions has been lost"
"I was splitting coins while this happened. All still worked just fine from the end user's perspective"
SV is dropping hard. Behind Monero, thx binance&faketoshi \o/
Ok memo. If SV is a scam/shit project, then why is it worth so much ? It has a bigger market cap than Monero
If it was a fork scam it would be like bitcoin gold
So CSW managed to remove holdonaut from twitter. This shouldn't happen and sv should focus building their chain. If LN/BTC is doomed to fail then just let it fail
Time to tokenize domain names. I'd love to own 10% of and having an associated market to evaluate the price of each parked domain (this is stupid for non parked domains)
Ahah weatherSV is doing 1k txs a day that's .003sv/day=3cents/day for miners
Imagine all the weather on SV, people paying to increase the chain security. That's just insane
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No donation for your birthday I'm disappointed
Happy birthday :)
I burnt 100k sats testing my new "metanet app", and I think the network is unreliable, the "few datacenters (miners) available for you" narative is a lie. Moreover the network latency is "slower" than before the split
Bitcoin : the only payment system in the world where using too much your money makes you unable to use it. Pretty annoying ! (I guess it's the limit of number of chained txs)
Hope SV will remove that limit for Metanet
We should be able to pay friends with bch even if they "don't like it". Like a web page where I load bch, send the link, and he can shop with amazon using that money (with I guess). Radix is doing that
What do you think about "negative adoption" ? (For instance twitch disabling crypto payment)
Instagram is just better
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3 months ago, @tippin_me went live.
Since then, there have been: ⚡️15,000 tips sent

That's 7tx an hour. Pretty cool ! Look at the graph, it's becoming an hub
One thing I like, a lot, about LN, is that everyone is incentived really hard to develop this new ecosystem coz they'll host large hubs thanks to being early once LN is complete (if one day it is)
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@memo pay for the tx of new users, and puts ads on the site for them. I'm not an expert but maybe ads will generate the money they need to use the site
BSV out of top10
Is it possible to spam the BSV network with "high entropy" txs, so that it can't be compressed easily and block propagation will be slow ? Is that even a thing ? Coz we pay per Bytes, we should pay per "entropy"
Dear SV miners, I'd like to see a 0.01sats/Bytes for 100Kb txs. Otherwise it's impossible to build DApps that require users to upload large stuff.
About Metanet : people will upload stuff on the chain. They'll pay "uploaders" to do so, and uploaders will have to buy hashrate to have blocks, therefore it'll increase the security. Am I right ? Sounds pretty cool
LN capacity is going up
Can't wait to see if it will work
I just opened
The top post was about orphanning malicious blocks
I was like "Are we talking about Bitcoin here ?"
(The post is 1month old, no one is posting on that site anymore ?)
I'm not sure but on bitcoinSV we can add more data in OP_RETURN and therefore post longer message on memo I think. Could be pretty cool