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What's that ?
It's the opposite. Abc was created in advance to destroy the original Bitcoin sorry !
I don't think so. In pre consensus they don't disagree on which tx is the valid one, where as here they can and you have to ask all the miners to see if it's a double spend attack
lol, they believe that institutional money wants to buy their bags. thats so naive
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Which tx they'll include
Maybe we still don't need that and just need to ask miners. But yeah it's a big issue
I hope you won't forget my 50.000$ in 2020 !
In the year 2020 I will give you the same amount of Satoshis you give this post. Remind me in 2020 and I WILL give you back those Satoshis.
The Fivebucks BSV transition is complete.

- 0-conf payments are much faster (thanks to MB)
- All user balances were converted to BSV
- Withdrawals are active
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Goodbye ABC memo. It was nice to use you.
My point was: SV supporters don't have to reject all Bitcoin improvements such as OP_CLTV and OP_CSV. The original design had some flaws.
Thanks for the explanation
Hmm, I'm confusing it with maybe something else. I thought bitcoinSV wanted to raise a limit of opcodes or something like that. Thanks for correcting !
If you want to achieve lots of TPS (specially if we talk about TB blocks), you'll need to do some "weird" things. That doesn't imply touching the basics of Bitcoin.
omfg is so frustrating to try to use right now. I try to reply, and get the homepage.
I'm not sure but on bitcoinSV we can add more data in OP_RETURN and therefore post longer message on memo I think. Could be pretty cool
CSW before the fork : "We want the original Bitcoin peer to peer electronic cash back"
CSW after losing the hashbattle and the bchticker : "Let's upload the internet on our chain and build another internet on Bitcoin"
Komodo isn't bitcoin. CSW wants just Bitcoin as it is, Komodo is doing some weird things to achieve a lot of TPS. But I may be wrong, we'll see if it can scale
Bitcoin can't scale to handle all of this. 50tx/day from everyone is already a lot and this require so much more. Can't work
How can just post on memo using I still don't understand what does...
A lot of new accounts suddenly promote
Link from Twitter or it didn't happen