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why? I am curious as to the cons of CTOR.
Hacked, but funds are safu
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posted · 2 days ago update: Hello Chinese
Where is the option "I'm just eating popcorn"?
seeing this for the first time

Zero clutter.

Difficult to keep up with #bitcoincash happenings.
This approach is crucial. We need to focus on utility, explain "what you can do with BCH" instead of "what BCH is". After using it, the curious ones can dig deeper & learn the rest. is now live, exclusively for Bitcoin Cash!
Go bet on your favorite sports team now! No signup!
posted · 3 days ago
Introducing : Explore what Bitcoin Cash is talking

Appreciate the time you devote to the BCH echosystem. : New site is Wikipedia+Reddit but just for audio books. Reviews, recommendations and Mega and Magnet download links to over 500+ audio books.
Gotta increase shitposting!
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What if I make first a zero fee tx (hopping for some pool to take it) and then double spend the same coins with 1sat/byte so that it's ok for 0-conf ? Can I double spend that way ?
If you want to try making some zero fee txs, check out my project on Github: (fork of the wallet code) running a competition to win a $100 worth of coin. All you got to do is design a paper wallet. If you good at design give it a shot :-)
Banking over BTC is starting. It's fine unless you break 1st layer to force people to your fucking 2nd layer solutions. Fuck Blockstream.
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· 8 days ago
In a way, it's like those homeless people that put something in your hand and demand that you pay them for it.
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· 8 days ago
Do i at least get to DIRECTLY control how my stolen money is spent? No. I have to *elect* some motherfucker who decides for me.
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· 8 days ago
Made a same version of your site : : bitdb is so easy to use it's awesome, but I can't find any ideas for useful sites to do :/ it's really "cool" but that's it :/
BTC is the real bitcoin!!!
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posted · 8 days ago was build in just few days by a single person with basic JS knowledge. When people wake up to what bitdb is capable of, the BCH ecosystem will explode.