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Just giving some proof of Life on the blockchain. Today's my bday and BCH Is mooning.
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Buy derivate product
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Domain from
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And I havent tried but I'm pretty sure you can use the weather (and therefore these data) to get random numbers
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Yup. It's just a demo of what you can do when you upload data on chain but they've over 1.000.000 txs. Therefore you can ask the blockchain the data and plot them
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A lot of txs comes from weather sv
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They won't use a bch token but more something like Liquid
Putting random data in the blockchain for testing purposes: asdfghjktre
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tiny amounts solve problem, cost of such mistake considering tx fees is insignificant.
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Please ignore this reply
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Users will have spv nodes i guess
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Yep. But it's not a problem for bsv because users won't download the chain
We are writing history.
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Btc don't need marketing. Bch and bsv do
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They are busy coding
replied · 31d isnt memo
I need a vacation
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Isnt it biaised thanks to cash Shuffle or services like that ?
Finally bit the bullet and paid the shitcoin BTC network extortion fee and swapped back to BCH. Quick confirmations are a breath of fresh air.
I really enjoy knowing that every time I interact with BCH, I am adding more value to it.
Lightning Network is a distraction from real crypto adoption.
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Kinda scary that a network update can lead to no confirmed txs / unsecure network for an hour. Maybe if all miners were using different software this bug wouldn't happen
Howerer this was fixed quickly. Good job bch