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Awesome. Care to share the instructions on how others can make one?
A Serverless Website Stored in a Single Bitcoin SV Transaction
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I have installed Memo mobile and gave it a thumbs up on the Play Store.
This week's Bitcoin Cash news update is out!
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Wormhole: hello and goodbye

I did this great livestream with Gabriel Cardona explaining wormhole.
As soon as we finished the stream, Bitmain just cut the entire wormhole division.
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Grin vs Beam, a mimblewimble discussion

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Where Should You Store Your Private Keys
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Bitcoin's 10th Birthday and the Power of Decentralization

Also on the 11th we had the anniversary of the first tweet about Bitcoin from Hal Finney on Jan 11, 2009.

"Running bitcoin"

Weekly crypto recap:

ETC 51% attack
Monero ransom
Jihan Wu steps down from Bitmain
Coinbase bans both Gab's merchant account and Andrew Torba's personal account.
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Finally making the call to unplug the S9's... GPU rig will keep cranking on ETH. S9's just not worth the noise / effort / electricity. 😕
Yes I use them all the time. The vaulted gold is in your name and audited and stored in Swiss Vaults.


Its free to signup.

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