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Yesterday 290951-290433=518 memo transactions. Number of transactions📉20.4%🤕
Yesterday 290433-289782=651 memo transactions. Number of transactions📉17.8%
Can someone explain to me how we are supposed to be able to scale on chain when spammers can fill the mempool to capacity seemingly at will?
I'll laugh if Ryan Charles comes out with a new video tonight announcing his support for ABC.
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Bitcoin SV chain just got re-orged: https://forkmonitor.cash/
Yesterday 289782-288990=792 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈67.4%
Nail in the Coffin? BTC.top Shifts Hash to Bitcoin Cash ABC to ‘End Chaos’

Markets Update: Traders Expecting Major BCH Action When Exchanges Open

Yesterday 288990-288517=473 memo transactions. Number of transactions📉33.0%🤕
Yesterday 288517-287811=706 memo transactions. Number of transactions📉24.8%
And there seems to be some stress testing going on.
Yesterday 287811-286872=939 memo transactions. Number of transactions📉8.3%
Bitcoin.com mines the first divergent block!
Lots of little dudes coming out of the stress test building on TxStreet.com right now.

Will take the rest of the network some time to "see" the hashrate.
Where can I view this?
TxStreet just got busy.

What does that mean?
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· 6 days ago
Less than an hour to go. Gotta admit, this is entertaining as heck.
Yesterday 286872-285848=1024 memo transactions. Number of transactions📉1.3%. What a sad forking day
Roger Ver and Andreas on the BCH hard fork

#BCH #hashwar #bitcoincash #ChatChatXmemo
Yesterday 285848-284810=1038 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈43.2%
Deploying 90,000 miners? Wow. CSW watcha going to do when they come for you? Bad boys Bad boys.