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Hey friend. Been unexpectedly very busy with "real life" the past few months, which has delayed the GreenPages update. My current goal is to get it done by the end of the year.
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Thanks, I nuked it.
Been off the grid for a few days and just got home to my node reading a 32 MB mempool. What gives?
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It's clearly been bought out, and is now being run by some marketing firm. Looks like right now they are trying to rebuild some popularity / followers with dumb memes, b4 the ads hit.
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Though I admit I am on the road and didn’t get a chance yet to actually look at their report. Just caught that podcast.
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Consider that this metric included all (as many as they could find) open-source projects directly/primarily related to a BCH. Not just protocol / node implementation development.
According to Electric Capital full time BCH developers ( >9 commits/month) fell from 24 to 11 in Jan. 2019.

Not great.
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Steak tartare is the bomb though. (I’m too lazy to read this whole convo on mobile so sorry if you’re a vegan/vegetarian)
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Check out the “tokens” tab or click the star icon on posts to send / tip tokens.

AnyPay has an instant “cash back” program when you buy with Bitcoin Cash. Pretty sweet.
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Also, could you tell if it is the same assistant who intervenes in this interview:
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Read your article on meeting Uyen. Guess she is real. Mind linking the picture in question? Also, if you don't mind (if not its cool) where was this meetup? Australia?

It's all so fascinating
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Is it possible that Dave, Uyen, and others were in fact involved in Satoshi/the trust, and that upon Dave's death, Craig is making an attempt to weasel his way into Dave's share?
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Is Uyen Nguyen real, or simply a figment of Craig's creation?

If they are in fact a real person, who (and where) are they?
Love this lawsuit shedding some light on CSW.

Fascinating, but I'm only left with more questions/theories...
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Cheers and welcome to the platform!
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Patriotism is no better than religion.
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"As an aside, the number one most-accepted crypto by the vendors at Forkfest and Porcfest 2019 was Bitcoin Cash (BCH)."

Good to show them some support.
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At one point I got fed up with my massive failed access logs and just blocked all of China. Easily cut random requests in half.
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Bitcoin Cash Activist
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I listen to every episode, but not on YouTube. I have a feeling most people are like me - why watch it when you can just listen and still pick up 100% of the info.
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At a rally, I watched him explain how he wanted to “make hairspray great again” b/c he didn’t see how it could polute the environment if he sprayed it inside. No critical thought
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Very cool.

I think DS9 did a good job of calling the whole idea of The Federation utopia into question.
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All the result an economy entirely hinged on the success of the coal industry. Coal owns every politician in that state - even (hell, especially) the Democrats.