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Been off the grid for a few days and just got home to my node reading a 32 MB mempool. What gives?
According to Electric Capital full time BCH developers ( >9 commits/month) fell from 24 to 11 in Jan. 2019.

Not great.

AnyPay has an instant “cash back” program when you buy with Bitcoin Cash. Pretty sweet.
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Also, could you tell if it is the same assistant who intervenes in this interview:
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Read your article on meeting Uyen. Guess she is real. Mind linking the picture in question? Also, if you don't mind (if not its cool) where was this meetup? Australia?

It's all so fascinating
Love this lawsuit shedding some light on CSW.

Fascinating, but I'm only left with more questions/theories...
Been on a Memo tipping binge lately.

I keep hitting some invisible boundary which tells me I don’t have enough funds to do anything (even though I do).

If I wait a while (or add funds) I can post again.
Anyone have any suggestions of good resources to list under: ?

Often when I direct new BCH merchants to GreenPages / AcceptBitcoin, they ask for links to the best merchant resources
I'd like to invite everyone to give the redesign a try at

Please let me know of any issues you run into. This is an un-optimized, read-only, beta and wont work correctly!
Can someone send me a png of the new badger icon?
Interesting. Feels like a big step in the right direction - not quite the leap that is Bitcoin
Alright Memo: What is the rarest, most sought after SLP token and how much can I pay for one?
Anyone know how I can buy Kroger (King Soopers and other names out West) gift cards with BCH??
The 'Terms of Service' is a good read.

Definitely check it out before you trade.
Trying to purchase cryptocurrency in the US is an excellent lesson in how and why the current banking system sucks. Day 8 of waiting for my ACH transfer to clear so I can withdraw from Gemini.
Unpopular opinion: If you *know* that your favorite school of economic thought would fix all of the worlds problems, you're no better than a religious zealot. These ideas are untested and, imho, ultimately untestable.
New ShapeShift beta platform is pretty nice.

Finally a sexy client for my KeepKeys.
Interesting intro to Free Talk Live yesterday with the folks from AnyPay.
Has anyone heard of Arwen?

Looks promising, if access to centralzd exchange liquidity is as advertised. It's not really decentralized, but with essentially all the benefits.

BCH support coming soon.
Anyone have a list of projects related to BCH?

I remember seeing a github once with tons of BCH-related projects listed. But I didn't save it and searches are coming up empty.
Trying to scroll through Memo and tip a bunch of posts. Just trying to avoid any arguments or controversial topics.... So far I've done a LOT of scrolling a not a lot of tipping lmao. Keep it up you filthy heathens.
Is a memo iOS app in the works anywhere?

You are probably already aware of this issue, but I have had a notification that won't go away for about a week now.

Thought I'd let ya know