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467d · Bitcoin Cash
I prefer the green Bitcoin Cash logo, the orange logo inside a rectangle "looks like shit" (zquestz) and large companies with good designers refuse to adopt it
467d · Bitcoin Cash
Had this idea: use affiliate links in - use income to pay the server and reward contributors of - keep it updated
467d · Bitcoin Cash
Let me know if anything is missing here:
467d · BCH adoption
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Great to hear from you 🤠
What a pleasant surprise, the official site to buy gift cards from Netflix Spain supports Bitcoin Cash! It also sells gift cards from Spotify, Apple, Google...
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Hey friend. Been unexpectedly very busy with "real life" the past few months, which has delayed the GreenPages update. My current goal is to get it done by the end of the year.
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Thanks, I nuked it.
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I noticed that doesn't accept BCH.
I think you should remove it.
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"You split, we bankrupt ourselves." LMAO
509d · Bitcoin Cash
A snapshot of the current mainnet & testnet BCH blockchain is available at ftp://f0112171:[email protected] (created with Bitcoin Unlimited, maybe you need to reindex with ABC)
Bitcoin Cash Activist
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55% hash taken by unknown miner
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