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Is a memo iOS app in the works anywhere?

You are probably already aware of this issue, but I have had a notification that won't go away for about a week now.

Thought I'd let ya know

Any racing fans out there? F1 season has just started up (first race in a week).

Planning to follow IndyCar for the first time this year as well. Last year had too many epic moments.
Some DM is always posting his new DnD scenarios and stuff on here. Let me see if I can dig up them up.
There was a BCH hack night last week but unfortunately I couldn't make it. There's lots of crypto events going on in town though. Even met erik vorhees at a town council meeting a while back.
Hey! Denverite here.
Finally had one of my slaves die in the mines.

Luckily my failsafes contained the damage to a single GPU - not bad for 2 yrs str8 mining.

Almost relieved, considering I’ve been mining at a loss for so damn long.
Made it through the first season of Star Trek Discovery. There was like, one away mission... ? Ffs they didn’t even introduce most of the bridge officers.
Interesting read but unclear what this will mean. Mt. Gox fiasco continues.
Lol, ICO joke in the new Brooklyn 99. Good show.
Preview of in react:

Boy does that instant search feel great!

I need some advice though: Any ideas on how to best do static linking to listings? Separate static page?
Thoughts on the new design? :

Too dark?
7.50$ fees to send 250$ on Apple Pay Cash 🤮
New API is done. Starting the process of rebuilding the site in React.

Should be fun learning React - already loving it.
SatoshiDice has made it way too easy for me to blow through BCH lol.

Down huge since they added BadgerButton despite several big wins.
Are there any simple ledger tokens worth playing with yet? Itchin' to give BadgerWallets token functionality a try.
xkcd: Technical Analysis
Love that I can pay with badger wallet on Satoshi Dice now. This is the future of money.
Would be cool if "Mastering Bitcoin Cash" ( could add green tip boxes highlighting economic principles / game theory for each aspect of the system design.
Really enjoying the book: "A Short History of Nearly Everything" by Bill Bryson. So packed full of info, but also amazingly captivating. Great read. Just watch out for a few outdated bits here and there.
Finally making the call to unplug the S9's... GPU rig will keep cranking on ETH. S9's just not worth the noise / effort / electricity. 😕
Wow! is quickly closing in on 1000 BCH accepting merchant listings!

Thanks to everyone who has signed-up and listed their favorite merchants!
Anyone know of any good multi-currency crypto portfolio trackers that can monitor addresses to track balances, txs, etc. ?
Memo from 30,000 feet! Airplane wifi sucks, but hey, it works.
Yikes. Trump even more off the rails than usual this week. This dude is good for nothing but petty fits of nonsense. What a shame.