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replied to post by V
· 14 hours ago
It was dead a month before the fork.
True, nothing stopping people from running bulky code. Just remember that code is very costly to run on ETH. Lot's of loops = lot's of gas.
This is also an issue that is greatly mitigated w/ sharding - something high on Ethereum's priority list, for what it's worth. IMO a must for any PoW blockchain to scale massively.
This is true, but a comparatively small scaling bottleneck. These contract computations are simple and negligible. The bottlenecks are primarily the same faced by BCH and BTC.
What do you mean "processing code in the VM". The VM is just a state. It is just data stored in a block. The bottleneck issues are data-agnostic - ledger or vm state, doesn't matter
posted · 2 days ago in AI
Human intelligence too hard to emulate? Don't underestimate the underlying simplicity of our brians. We aren't that special.
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· 2 days ago
BCH devs are considering employing a version of the avalanche consensus mechanism to use as a pre-consensus mechanism to detect double spends.
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· 2 days ago
Avalanche is just a basic consensus algorithm.

Ava coin is a PoS crypto employing the consensus algorithm.
The issue really comes down to the sheer amount of data that must be stored on-chain. Moving and processing lots of data is slow, whether it's a ledger or state of a virtual machine.
The optimizations come in the form of data propagation, node processing speeds (sw optimz, hw utilization, etc). The scaling issue is w/ PoW blockchains, not their particular contents.
THe optimizations have nothing to do with what is stored in the blockchain. ETH's virtual machine is as optimized as any virtual computing environment out there.
All hurdles BCH / BSV / your favorite PoW blockchain must face if they wish to handle massive use.
No. Try not to generalize everything. Crypto kitties overwhelmed ETH due to a number of factors: block size, node software optimization bottlenecks, data propagation inefficiencies etc
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· 2 days ago
Come on man, I know you can connect these dots on your own. To scale, BCH needs bigger blocks & optimized node software. Therefore, ETH, which is just another PoW blockchain needs...
Ava coin (which uses a form of Avalanche consensus protocol) uses PoS as sybil protection.

BCH would use PoW as sybil protection w/ avalanche consensus - NOT PoS.
Common misconception. The implementation of avalanche beings discussed for use on BCH does NOT rely on PoS at all. It uses PoW as Sybil protection.
None of this answers my question: how are the scaling issues facing the ETH blockchain insurmountable, when Bitcoins can be easily solved with big blocks and client optimization?
You can bury your head in the sand and pretend it’s different because you don’t own ETH, but they face the exact same scaling issues.
And at the time BCH couldn’t even handle minor stress test or produce anywhere near full blocks... ETH and BCH scale in the same manor - huge block chains. Same bottleneck for both.
Lol, or if even a particular user has voted at all. Learn how to Reddit people.
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· 3 days ago
Mods do not see how user is voting.
Also, aren't you a BSV supporter? Care to explain how Bitcoin can scale to huge blocks now, but for some reason it means Ethereum can't scale?
Cool new BCH development tracking resource:
I've been playing with Spedn and have to agree, though moving in the right direction IMO.