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With the cultists on the brink of defeat, the group were forced to enact a frantic escape from the collapsing church as the fire consumed it #DnD
Some DM is always posting his new DnD scenarios and stuff on here. Let me see if I can dig up them up.
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I recommend using the main site, the abc site is not as closely monitored. I have seen slow propagation a few times but it is not normal. We have been looking into it.
Oops, meant to post here. It's a big spot for tech in general. We've had a huge population boom over the past decade, there are tons of young people here compared to the other cities listed
That's awesome, I was signed up for the hack night but couldn't make it either. Hoping to go to the next one
Craig Wright has announced he will be questioned by CFTC claiming that he is satoshi and issuer of Bitcoin
Read the Attachment.
There was a BCH hack night last week but unfortunately I couldn't make it. There's lots of crypto events going on in town though. Even met erik vorhees at a town council meeting a while back.
Any fellow big blockers on the Front Range? Got into Bitcoin around the time I moved out here, so I thought it could be something about the area
Hey! Denverite here.
Was hoping to make it to ETH Denver, but we had a pipe burst during the cold snap, ruined our plans for the week. I'd love to hear from anyone who went
Im buying some jam doughnuts today, why? Cuss I love em :-)
Testing out CoinPot browser mining.
Try out Badger at
Glad to hear they will be in the next update.
Bitcoin Cash Locks in Schnorr Signatures for May Upgrade, Devs Say More Privacy and Efficiency
I love non-political conspiracy theories and contrarian ideas, but not when easily dispelled with math and logic. The only evidence cited is usually bible verses or optical illusions
Didn't Eratosthenes prove the curvature of the Earth like in 200BC too? You can do the entire experiment just using shadows IIRC, it's hilarious that flat earthers are building rockets
Just added 4 OpenBazaar shops to Greenpages - drugs and cactus shops for the win :)
Lol BSV doesn't post anything illegal, remember?
damn, what shitty "service"
Poor guy barely had any hash power either!
Police raid the place expects to do a cannabis grow OP. Find q mining setup instead.