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Danny Wu
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If bsv community expel csw and ca, I will consider buy some bsv for playing.
replied · 282d
Assume the network capacity, CPU, RAM, SSD increase by 10x, every protocol(including ETH LTC XRP) scales. But BCH will scale much faster by using techs like CTOR,Graphene,preconsensus.
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So SV and ABC have totally different paths. Just let them fork, the weaker lose, thats the nature of bitcoin. Forks happens with ABC, each fork makes bitcoin better. with BSV, no fork.
Seriously, the debate create a lot of TXs in memo, so i suggest memo should follow the chain able to create more debates in the future, the chain with more Dev teams.
replied · 389d
No you're right. I've absolutely no idea what csw have contributed to Bitcoin except for a shit ton of talk&promises and of course he's endless patents (very Satoshi like btw)
replied · 388d
So, the arguments for whether BCH is Turing complete have no sense. BCH need more function and scalbility to gain more users, a fixed protocal doesn't help, that's all.
replied · 388d
I am not suggesting nither FOMO3D nor 1min block, I am just try to explain BCH is not Turing complete and with Turing complete doesn't mean it can do everything.
replied · 389d
No one proved bitcoin is Turing complete including csw's white paper, and Turing complete doesn't mean it can do anything. For example, you cannot run FOMO3D on BCH.
replied · 390d
Most OP_CODEs in bitcoin used rarely, because of the bitcoin CORE, they disabled bitcoin. Now nChain want to lock the bitcoin protocol to v0.1, that is just like the CORE
replied · 390d
Read this:https://medium.com/@g.andrew.stone/bitcoin-scripting-applications-decision-based-spending-8e7b93d7bdb9 https://www.yours.org/content/the-story-of-op_checkdatasig-f79679d52b23
replied · 392d
It bring Oracle into BCH, "there is only 10 OP_'s left in the protocol", wrong, there is no limit on OP_'s, just use another byte when more OPs are needed.
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who would you rather put your faith in?
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Which side do you support with the coming November Hard Fork?
Bitcoin ABC plans canonical transaction ordering, activation for OP_CHECKDATASIG and OP_CHECKDATASIGVERIFY.
nChain plans block size to 128MB.
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Memo has reached 10,000 on-chain transactions!
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