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Stress Test In Action!!
680d · memo
Memo is in top 10 dapps (sorted by active users). <- the 10th dapp has 277 active users, memo has 279
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The biggest block so far was 15.2Mb, mined at 14:41UTC by an unknown miner. Block #545978.
Hello world!
Reminder: Stress Test day goes a full 24 hours
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15 MB block mined
Sk8eM dUb
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Idiot "economists" who try to use Japan as an example of how to do things IGNORE the fact that it's a mono-ethnic state with it's border completely surrounded by a big beautiful wall.
739d · memo
Yesterday 135032-133559=1473 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈0.1%
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Corruption all around.
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1/2 Memo is a protocol, is one implementation. I like it, at this stage. At this stage, this attracts only crypto fans, and we are ok with overlooking some design choices.
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2/2 Blockpress design was a copy of twitter, and still didn't get anywhere near memo popularity. I know I disliked it.
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around 20,000,000 per day
Sk8eM dUb
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I think the pressure is just making us stronger and keeping the price in a range where there's very few weak hands. So when finally breaks out of the BTC death tide it's going to ruuun
741d · Bitcoin Cash
Fun fact: the average time until the next block is mined is ALWAYS 10 mins, even if it's been 5 mins, 30 mins or a year since the last block was mined.
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I think there are 32 buses to compare with BTC's single bus.
China is saying no to foreign trash and going to enforce smart trash segregation for cities. This is a great move, and sometimes brute force works well. Population needs to be more mindful of how they trash!
740d · Coinex
Coinex deposit & withdrawal transactions makes the transactions of BCH overtake Etherum Classic(ETC) today. Referral code: kzyfv
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Cool with a mobile app, but please keep the web user experience on mobile good too.
Hello, Memo.Cash users.

I run a WordPress blog. Is there any way to add a "follow on" button to the website?

I've seen lot's of people get banned on Twitter, and was looking for a free speech alternative.
"The Orange Bus is not meant for those who make $2 a day" - Samson Mow
The winters are surprisingly warm when you have a Bitcoin Cash wallet in your pocket.
My first BCH swag from store

"You just wait until it's not full anymore" - Samson Mow

"I'm using the other bus" - Everyone
BCH is Bitcoin. Deal with it.
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When there are 10tps on BTC: "help us, they're spamming our digital gold network!". When there are 10tps on BCH: "The more usage the better!"