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Capitalism is the best. It's free enterprise. - LENNY BRUCE


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voted > $800 740d
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what will be BCH closing price by end of July 2018?
> $800 25 votes · 4,109 satoshis
$700-800 3 votes · 0 satoshis
<$700 7 votes · 546 satoshis


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TxStreet has just been updated. Now with Memo support, sideways scrolling, better people spacing, median fee, bug fixes and more! Try holding the arrow keys to scroll side to side.
NEWS: The legacy chain is dying.

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BTC guys should just cross the street and enjoy one of 32 luxury busses we have in offer ;)
check out the subway

testing testing
32mb blocks
#bitcoincash FOR THE WIN!!!
My mom always said life was like a bitcoin core wallet. You never know what kind of fees you’ll have to pay.
Volume of BTC / BCH on are rising. . Primary pricing coin on CoinEX is BCH.
742d · memo
Yesterday 130993-129985=1008 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈9.7%
BCH daily transactions soaring (35k today) appears to be related to CoinEx trading volumes surge. CoinEx exchange has BCH denominated trading pairs with the highest volumes I know.
I just saved 20% by shopping @PurseIO! I have both bought and earned now. Amazing system. Click the link to save an extra $5 and I get $5 too. #BCH #amazon #shopping
Let's support, today transactions of BCH overtakes DOGE & LTC. Because CoinEX, whose primary base coin is BCH, becomes the largest market for several coins. Well, my referral code is 'kzyfv'
741d · memo
Yesterday 132088-130993=1095 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈8.6%
Bitcoin Cash Sees More Infrastructure, Applications, and Protocol Innovation
743d · Bitcoin Cash
The biggest gainer of the recent spike 😉
voted Yes 765d
created poll 766d
Should the Bitcoin Cash blockchain be used to permanently publish/index .torrent file metadata?
Yes 35 votes · 32,925 satoshis
No 0 votes · 0 satoshis


766d · #MountMemo 2018 ⛰️
Beautiful initiative. I will be proud to participate in this
Bird King
765d · #MountMemo 2018 ⛰️
You guys are all mad. I love it!
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767d · Ideas to improve our lives
Tip everytime you like something on Memo! This will create a good will feeling and a sense of appreciation and it will be a boomerang to you, try it!
766d · Capitalism
@-ED-: give it up, dude. You're talking to a bunch of free speech loving people on here. Socialism is anti-freedom and anti-free speech.
766d · 1 whole BCH opportunity
Ever since PewDiePie joined my average tipping amount increased tenfold. Paying it forward is important because it enables further growth and adoption of Bitcoin Cash. Let's do it!
Another reason why I think Memo is winning it is because we feel that Memo belong to all of us. There is no a company owning this, not even a start up. We are Memo. Am I right Memonians? :)
766d · Ideas to improve our lives
Stop drinking alcohol. My last alcohol was in 2016 September. Alcohol is harmful for your body and mind
Hello memo world!