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I’m a daddy and that’s about it.


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Enjoyed listening to #ZaneTackett talking to #RogerVer. Zane didn’t want to waste his hard earned #bitcoin on the high transaction fees. A Credit card doesn’t guarantee you a hassle free purchase. #BitcoinCash
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I like butts!
Not sure you guys are aware that on Coinex the pair CET/BUT is getting insane, there is a growft of 178% currently.
Best investment of my life
The B-17 Flying Fortress “Sentimental Journey” was in town all last week. This bomber would fly over my house 6 times a day.
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you can use #BTC, but you’ll lose your shorts. #RogerVer, thank you for all your work.
#hashtags are a game changer for It’s like sliced bread or the working wheel. I see good things for #memo and #BitcoinCash
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#memo now supports #hashtags!
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Bitcoin Cash is Fast! I got your $BCH. Many thanks from California
This is my first memo for the coming baby.
"Welcome to the new world, little pony!"
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You Sold eos? Hehehe. No doubt, BCH is one of the survivors, or the possible vision of satoshi.
today I made an important decision... after watching Ryan Charles video talking about BCH I sold: vet, nano, bytom, eos, sia, gnx to get more BCH. My goal is now to shrink from 40 coins to BCH + 4 - 5.
Clubber Lang is bitcoin core and Rocky is Bitcoin Cash
I remember when I didn’t have any bitcoin, and now I only have enough to buy a cup of coffee.
I imagine they will want to stress tested my new Yenom Bitcoin Cash wallet.
The old lady is sleeping soundly and the boys are counting sheep. I’m watching the Bitcoin Cash stress test.
Happy Stresstestivus!
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Posting here, there and everywhere.
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I make the bulletproof coffee with organic coffee, lots of Irish butter, coconut oil and cannabis infused butter.
So I make bulletproof coffee with cannabis infused butter. Yesterday morning, I got high and stayed high all day. I drank a lot of coffee.
I’m out of coffee and my Bitcoin Cash is stressed, but
Sk8eM dUb
I'm about to head down to Two Dogs Taproom to watch the stress test with the Tokyo BCH meetup group. Will be memoing all night so hit me up.
They say that September 1st 2018 Bitcoin Cash Stress Test could be felt and heard from the summit of Mount Everest.