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sent · 1,000 sats · 12d
thanks for the honk, honkler :)
i know haha
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you're a tease, sir!

alright ya wanks, i made doughnuts too.
fried this morning topped with a homemade cinnamon brown sugar glaze
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Every new merchant matters. Good work :D
replied · 91d
Looks delicious.
coinbase is offering free crypto! watch a couple of short videos to earn yours... :)
replied · 85d
lol, i figured it out, but thanks for letting me know anyway :)

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right on! i appreciate your feedback. ;)
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I think the app should have an option to enable ads, and at the end of the day you get paid a few cents, like a faucet. It'll help new users and people without access to an exchange.
It would be very useful if memo would convert the bch address into a clickable link. Then on a mobile it automatically opens any wallet that understands that format.
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