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replied · 9d
Take over what? they want to PTO the BCH Regime into BTC so they gain #1 Spot in Coinmarketcap?
The US is so behind in crypto-currency due to it's over-regulation. It's a shame. When they are ready to join the party, it'll be too late.
replied · 13d
Am I allowed to go around claiming I am the real Santa Claus and then tell people I need money to pay my elves? Do I have to prove I am the real Santa? Or can I just get away with it?
The funniest thing is that StopAndDecrypt is a government shill. ^_^
replied · 16d
CSW never got the memo that Blockchain's don't scale fast enough to be FileCoin or BloggerCoin?
Or maybe I'll try Venmo instead.
any reputable sellers take Cash by Mail (USA) ?
replied · 19d
Skrill is okay with Bitcoin purchase according to their website. But PayPal doesn't allow Bitcoin purchases as per their ToS.
replied · 19d
Some sellers take Interac e-Transfers because they are in Canada. I think you can use another service to transfer into that right?
Why doesn't have a cash by mail payment option?

Unless someone knows of particular banks that allow transfers without closing accounts for Bitcoin Cash transactions.
replied · 20d
Calvin going broke or selling off his hashrate?

"It isn't just the censorship which allows the BTC cult to mislead so many people. They also gain 8 years' worth of creative material which still exists online (YouTube videos, blog articles, etc.)
replied · 22d
that seems to support BTC, but was really created to support P2P digital cash (i.e. BCH)."
#BitcoinSV enthusiast spotted in Miami, FL.

replied · 23d
But dPoS is more like a Blogger coin or DAPP coin thing. Many BCHers are PoW Maximumalists, and believe removing the mining part risks fair coin distribution.
replied · 23d
Decentralized Proof of Stake coin could handle massive usage. They scale like crazy and are non mineable/vaildator nodes instead. EOS = 2822 transactions per second.
replied · 24d
bchd nodes do a fast initial UTXO snapshot download.
replied · 23d
Maybe because you know, the state don't like it. BTC supporters are now statists.
Simply bumping up the blocksize limit on your centralized farce network and artificially creating big blocks is not scaling.
replied · 25d
As for Twitter they are being manipulated or influenced by the Globalist State.
replied · 25d
Example: if someone harms a sex offender in USA, their jail time in longer than a crime against regular civilians. So basically they are being protected by State.
replied · 25d
State Coercion becomes a major issue when GovMint grows huge in power/money. Instead of degenerates who harm people getting justice on them, they evade punishment by State protection.