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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is Bitcoin.


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BSV is the second Blockstream takeover

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Hey buddy glad you back in BCH Though you were too deep in BSV to snap the fuck out of it.
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nGeek Sith Order's game plan to break all critics.

No body's
Astrotuff -> Smear -> Blackmail with legal action -> Serve you or you cave in.

Big players
Astrotuff -> You suddenly have tons of BSV and support it.
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Because, most developers want to be paid even it that means supporting a coin that goes against their beliefs. i.e: devs working on worthless Ethereum Dapps no one uses, just for $$$
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Why not BSV? by Cris Pacia
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LoL, she's not even a real Ginger (died hair).
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Once a Craig Minion, now thrown to the Wolves.

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Fixed my wallet issues which turned out to be due to the site now requiring Coinbase API (this isn't new, I've been letting the issue sit for a while). 😡
& finally I was also able to set my profile pic!
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Decided to try creating a memo alternative and I need your help.

Please consider joining/supporting the cause:

This is for gauging initial interest, please provide feedback.

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"Local US Government To Use Bitcoin Cash SLP Tokens"

Congrats Josh Green on this exciting project in Dublin, Ohio!
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Hello Memos. I realized most of you probably have not seen this BCH shop before. The fabric and ink quality is amazing. Bags, clothes, accessories, pins.
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Talking shit is free most of the time. But doing it in front of court is costly.
Bye troll.
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