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Christmas is for all kids. worth 5$ of toys, my nephew will be happy. Merry Christmas sir
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bohemian rhapsody
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thank you sir for noticing me😊
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this is my entry sir,
my favorite thing because it was the only gift of my mother before she passed away.
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this is my favorite thing in my internal life, this is the only gift of my mother before she passed away.
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this is our christmas tree. please notice me sir, anything for food
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please notice our christmas tree, any amount of sats sir.for food
Look people of Memo, I need more than 1 picture of your Christmas tree too verify it's authenticity, 2-3 Christmas tree photos is what I need.
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hope you like our christmas tree.
this was made by my humble mother
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aww ,im so sad. he is taken already.
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is it true? he has a girlfriend now?
its boring here, seems like there is no activities here, what is happening?
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hello sir, you're MISSING in action this past few days.
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my favorite erotic book was "STRIPPER FOR RENT"its a young lady who need money for her sick mother, she entered to be stripper to a stag party when she found her night in shining armor
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can i join too sir, i will wait for your comeback sir.
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