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845d · Memo Languages
@framore - Here's the current list. Feel free to respond as a comment (no pull request necessary) or make a Google Doc:
846d · Memo Languages
@Rozjemca35 - a few changes you suggested are going live soon!
replied 846d
😆Thanks. I actually bumped into our UTXO bug trying to tip that back to you. Now I'm going to fix that. 🐞
replied 846d
It's a bug - we know what's causing it. 🐞
846d · what projects are ya'll working on bch related?
@robbot I agree. Currently it blocks until the txn is actually broadcast, which isn’t necessary.
replied 847d
Good idea 💡
replied 847d
Will get back to you on this - I think this is a UTXO bug we have yet to fix.
replied 848d
Working on it. 🛠️
replied 848d
We've been talking about the need for private messaging on Memo. Separately - it's a tricky thing to put messages on a public blockchain and claim it's forever private.
848d · Halving
That estimate changes quite a bit from one difficulty adjustment to the next, then? Is it smoothed over a particular amount of time? It's an interesting situation to watch.
848d · Abstract Art
849d · Photography
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Is "Tematy obserwowane" correct for "Topics following"? Thanks for your help!
849d · Memo Suggestions
@TrashPosterInTheDark: out of a couple hundreds tickets, the ID number for optional email notifications is MEMO-8 :)
849d · Memo Suggestions
@Rozjemca35: I filed a ticket about that very feature today! Thanks
850d · Memo Languages
I'm sure we can fix that. Could you share an example?
850d · Halving
Wow, I had no idea. So you're saying these lines will converge?
replied 850d
We're looking forward to making big ease of use improvements! Thanks for posting.
850d · Memo Languages
Update - we have contributions for Dutch, Czech and Portuguese! They are not live yet but it's a goal for next week.
replied 850d
Did you take that photo? It's great.
replied 850d
"no whitepaper" 🤣
replied 850d
Just a guess, eh? 🛠️😁
850d · Guess the movie
@RyanUnited it seems vaguely familiar but I can't name it
850d · Photography
101 & 280, San Francisco