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791d · test
793d · Photography
SF Bay March 2018
794d · OpenBazaar Feedback?
I just bought a comic book on OpenBazaar2. Load times can be slow and I'm running into some dead links while browsing, but the purchase succeeded!
794d · Memo Suggestions
@Joannes They aren't unique, but we have a plan! The @ chooser needs to work well enough that you can efficiently choose the right person. From there, we can know a unique ID.
794d · Memo Languages
Thanks - ticket for that issue is # MEMO-180
794d · Memo Languages
@Joannes Ah, you might be using ad block or Brave browser shielded. We need to fix that.
794d · Memo Languages
Memo is now available in Nederlands (Dutch) thanks to Donald!
794d · Memo Languages
Memo is now available in Čeština (Czech) thanks to infraspace!
794d · Memo Languages
Memo is now available in Português thanks to
795d · 1 whole BCH opportunity
@Pewdiepie88 yes, we're due for some UI refactoring. In-place follow action is ticket # MEMO-184. Are you able to tip now, by the way?
795d · Memo Suggestions
@TrashPosterInTheDark The results distinguish. In this case it says 5 votes (1 unique).
795d · Memo Suggestions
@iru @how2chives Yes, that's something I want too. @name tagging is planned and will help.
795d · Memo Suggestions
Thanks for all the recent suggestions! We're filing tickets for improvements and bug reports and working on them in order of priority/severity.
796d · Memo Languages
@framore - Here's the current list. Feel free to respond as a comment (no pull request necessary) or make a Google Doc:
796d · Memo Languages
@Rozjemca35 - a few changes you suggested are going live soon!
797d · what projects are ya'll working on bch related?
@robbot I agree. Currently it blocks until the txn is actually broadcast, which isn’t necessary.
798d · Halving
That estimate changes quite a bit from one difficulty adjustment to the next, then? Is it smoothed over a particular amount of time? It's an interesting situation to watch.
799d · Abstract Art
800d · Photography
800d · Memo Suggestions
@TrashPosterInTheDark: out of a couple hundreds tickets, the ID number for optional email notifications is MEMO-8 :)
800d · Memo Suggestions
@Rozjemca35: I filed a ticket about that very feature today! Thanks
800d · Memo Languages
I'm sure we can fix that. Could you share an example?
800d · Halving
Wow, I had no idea. So you're saying these lines will converge?
800d · Memo Languages
Update - we have contributions for Dutch, Czech and Portuguese! They are not live yet but it's a goal for next week.