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created poll 717d
Should the Bitcoin Cash blockchain be used to permanently publish/index .torrent file metadata?
Yes 35 votes · 32,925 satoshis
No 0 votes · 0 satoshis


716d · 10k Satoshi for Follow me
thanks for following me, I hope we build a good community! few words about me, I'm from Sicily and I'm living in Korea where I do international trade for Italian food.
Just testing to see if i can post a image (if so, i'll be starting to post self made bch cartoons

replied 745d
Look at my new profile pic BCHes!
Ok everyone I just bought some BCH so be prepared for a dip in the next 24 hours if not sooner.
Spendl A Bit
716d · memo
the site is running a lot faster/smoother sinve the update. good work guys
716d · Memo Suggestions
I think the first post should show up as the description with a Topic. It's tedious to scroll all the way to the top to see what the very first post was. Have it like right under the title
716d · Photography
By the Beach - Port Macquarie NSW Australia -
Memo looking better and better by the day!
That's a solid green :-)
716d · memo
that gif is the tits. would be cool if I could retweet/re-memo it into the memes topic
replied 716d
I thought so. I guess that actually makes things simpler and more robust. Time to get coding, I can think of some utilities that might be worthwhile in a Twitter-like interface.
Unofficial OpenBazaar News
This place is PACKED. #Toronto, your crypto community is amazing, thank you for this incredible welcome & coming out to see us at this great venue tonight!

Unofficial OpenBazaar News
Crypto trading in @OpenBazaar will be getting a nice face lift + support for 1500+ coins. Look out for these changes soon!

716d · Memo Languages
Can confirm, works without adblock.
Came across this December Photo after a Live Show. This was my Beta T- Shirt. :)
716d · memo
I just joined and this place is great, r/bitcoin censorship is impossible! Seems appropriate to repost my most-upvoted GIF from Reddit:
created poll 716d
Why do you use memo?
To shitpost on the blockchain so no one can stop me 4 votes (4 unique) · 0 satoshis
To create activity on the BCH blockchain 9 votes (8 unique) · 12,000 satoshis
To make a profit through tips 1 votes (1 unique) · 0 satoshis
For fun and giggles 17 votes (17 unique) · 1,000 satoshis
You didn't list my option you idiot 5 votes (5 unique) · 0 satoshis


717d · Memo Suggestions
tips over a certain amount should have to be claimed and be self refunding if not
replied 716d
use <Set Profile Picture> in the Dashboard
716d · memo
Great news! Thanks for the hard work guys 👍
716d · memo
Memo now supports profile pics!
716d · memo
profile pics now! sweet!
717d · memo
Yesterday 99918-97876=2042 memo transactions. Number of transactions📉12.2%. Txs will🔜exceed 100000🎉