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Calm_down_stupid 15kFCL
🏁Wacky racer final🏁

Flying over the line in first and claiming the trophy is 🚁, steaming over in 2nd is 🚂 and strolling into 3rd is 🚶.

Thanks to every racer for entering, I hope you enjoyed it :-)
Calm_down_stupid 15kFCL

The finish line is in sight.
Calm_down_stupid 15kFCL
Wacky Racers. Who will win ?


Reply with your pick, first to claim gets it so check your choice still available.

Winner gets a 🍺 :-)
Mark Byers
tipped 10,000,000 🍕 703d
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Mark Byers
Unbelievable, I sent you so so so many !!!
Calm_down_stupid 15kFCL
Tipping the Tippers Tuesday.

Everyone who shared 🍺's this week will get free 🍺 to replace the ones they gave away :-)

Vidteks 4🍺,
Gravity research 2🍺,
Unusual Uther 6🍺,

Sharing the love with 🍺 :-)
Calm_down_stupid 15kFCL
Just to say, I am still here :-)

Real life just being a bit shit right now. Keep the 🍺 flowing, I will be back :-)
Mark Byers
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I'm a collector of rare and exotic tokens! I travel to the edges of the earth looking for for more. Please send them my way.
Mark Byers
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Already 27 ┗(°0°)┛ holders! We can do better. Who else wants some ┗(°0°)┛? Send me your slp addr
Recent talk at Bitcoin Cash City Conference talking about wallet privacy!

I just bought a beer token for 5 million
Calm_down_stupid 15kFCL
Opening up memo, checking tokens page, WTF !!!!!!!!!!!

🍺 gone absolutely crazy !!!!!!
Any time I see a suggestion box, or review at a restaurant... I now always write down that they should use Bitcoin Cash for payment
Mark Byers
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785d · Baby Badger (BAB) Faucet
I keep seeing various people in /r/btc keep saying "Why keep posting about how Blockstream took over BTC? We get it."

Because if people stop posting it, then people forget.
Mark Byers
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803d · memo
Memo now supports tipping posts with tokens!
803d · memo
Memo now supports tipping posts with tokens!
I'm also currently working on - This website will be a BCH-only tipping service for livestreamers! It integrates with Streamlabs so donation messages will appear on screen.
I've recently released Crescent Cash Desktop:

You can now access your BCH wallet on Windows, macOS, and Linux!
Hey everyone! I've been meaning to post here more often.

Anyway, I've been working on various stuff for the past few weeks! I'll go over them more in the next few memos.
There is no worse tyranny than to force a man to pay for what he does not want merely because you think it would be good for him.

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Mark Byers
with good result? I did a successful transaction from one of my accounts to my other. Made a video about it
A successful presentation today means a quiet cross team collaboration project that's been in the works for months will be launching VERY soon. So blessed to work with such great people. 🙏 #dailymemo
"I'm looking forward to having a stablecoin pegged to BTC. How ironic would it be if people started using a BCH token to transfer BTC value from one place to another to avoid having to move BTC itself."
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Mark Byers
I will share some of my Badgers with you!
I've learned some Python and love it. Now I'm learning node.js and wanna die.