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replied · 1d
Yes it would be very weird. Dangerous too. Just walk up to a pretty girl and try slapping a Bitcoin Cash sticker on her backside.
SLP Token That Is Pegged To Something Stable During A Recession? https://honest.cash/v2/FUBAR165/slp-token-that-is-pegged-to-something-stable-during-a-recession-5949
The State of Bitcoin Core
Just realized Blockstream and their cohorts resembles a government.-- https://honest.cash/v2/FUBAR165/just-realized-blockstream-and-their-cohorts-resembles-a-government-5892
replied · 11d
I see it is showing now. Seems like it might be an issue with topics with only 1 post.
replied · 11d
It doesn't show up for me in either place. Only place I can find it is if I got to my post and click on the gardening there.
Harassment and censorship on steem/steemit continues. Witness attempt to hide the truth -- https://steemit.com/steemit/@fubar-bdhr/harassmet-continues-witness-continues-to-downvote
Created topic gardening a few days ago but topic does not show up anywhere except the post itself.
Censorship on steem: witness creates account just to censor and destroy others accounts. https://steemit.com/steemit/@fubar-bdhr/witness-themarkymark-creates-account-just-to-destroy-others-accounts
Could "Liquid Maintenance" Along With Tether Be Used To Manipulate Markets -- https://honest.cash/v2/FUBAR165/could-liquid-maintenance-along-with-tether-be-used-to-manipulate-markets-5847
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All the those grayed out links are posts that have been censored and hidden. If you click on a link it gives a message that this post is hidden.
Bitcoin.com and Coinspice article links now being censored on steemit/steem -- https://honest.cash/v2/FUBAR165/bitcoincom-and-coinspice-article-links-now-being-censored-on-steemitsteem-5832
How to change Trump's view on bitcoin
How to change Trump
replied · 40d
Unfortunately yes it would be. Someone else suggested a BCH backed stablecoin as a possible work around. Standardized exchange APIs could help by allowing choice by merchants.
replied · 41d
But bitpay is centralized and you have to pay them. The idea is to make it as cheap as possible by cutting out the middle men.