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White men are people too
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White men are people too
Can this be part of a "rubbing it in" ritual, where he thinks (probably rightfully) that he can say this and get away with it, and it will break the spirit of people or something?
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I think his actual tits are bigger than that.
White men are people too
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You see??? Biden's policies do not hurt the dollar, they strengthen it! These extreme numbers PROVE it! QED! You cannot question my argument, cause I said QED! Twice!!!!!11
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Astral projection, tassels on leather jackets, SpaceX. Maybe i’d even include Bitcoin (to polite but bemused shop keepers).
Looks like old BCH nodes are now broken
5d · covid-19
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It's too bad SILENTSAM died of COVID & can't see this.
Every time the left announces they found some new thing that is gonna surely put Trump in jail this time, I'm reminded of this scene:

So uh... maybe I should have only said nice things about Luna on Friday's podcast 😬
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GiggleStick Is A Loser That Spies On Peoples Browsing History.
We know this is you Uther. Stop trying to rape us with sharpies & come to terms with your homosexuality.
GiggleStick Is A Loser That Spies On Peoples Browsing History.
8d · tinfoil
8d · Bitcoin Cash
#BitcoinCash Is P2P Currency.
#SmartBCH Is the next step "Dynamic Smart Money"

BCH follows Nakamoto revolution 100% since the beginning.
7d · bitcoin cash
Whats up with that not-so-stable coin? It got nuked?
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u stuck with me, at least for a bit 🙂
9d · memo
Memo had some back-end issues mainly with SLP transactions starting yesterday that are now resolved.
Did the last booster finally get SILENTSAM? Where'd he go?
16d · ☪️ Obama Barry حلال 🐼
Control over the media is swinging back and forth between different camps. Each swing knocks some people loose, and they find themselves on decentralized platforms.

This is the important part.
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You're just mad that I fucked your Mom. If it makes you feel better, I think I got an STD from her.
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If you weren't looking at illegal porn, you wouldn't care about that, closet gay ass raper.
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is when he starts freaking out and accusing everyone of being a spy, because we know about his bad behavior.
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Fateh Bahadur badashah
Do not talk to the user named Spike, or Uther, or any of his many accounts. He is a secret homosexual that tries to rape young straight men in the ass with a marker. You'll see how he