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I notice the American People aren't an option. Because they lose either way.
One of the few markets/trading channels I've watched, one of the few good ones. Now gone on a whim. Good thing he's on Odysee. Why aren't you yet, again?

These are the people who want to play God.
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See you next year!!🤪🤪🤪
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The meds, they do nothing.
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Can you just freeze the coins so they don't get used in any transactions that *do* use those addresses in the future?
Get UP Stand UP!

(So topical)

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Certain masks can prevent aerosols from spreading as far. Non-woven N-95 masks work well. Woven cloth doesn't really, and that's what the majority of masks seem to be.
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would do some good, but I don't think the statistical comparison of states/nations with & without mask mandates clearly shows a benefit.
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but people with masks nonchalantly walk within inches of me, because they believe the mask is protecting them or others. *Maybe* if everyone had N95 masks without vent valves they
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fact, they likely encourage people not to social distance, which can make them increase transmission. I've observed this behavior. When I go out, I try to step aside and give space,
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I'm speaking specifically about masks, because that's what the song referenced. There is not much evidence they help much, which is why Faucci did not initially recommend them. In
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Bitcoin Cash Activist
Look closely to whom I was replying.
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There's evidence, & there's what seems "obvious".
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died. So, I guess McConnel has to make Trump wait to appoint a replacement till after the election, unless he's a hypocrite or something.
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Can you send me some sats to buy exercise videos and diet pills. I have too much food & I'm getting fat.
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Still being my own bank thanks.