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I am a meat popsicle.


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Compared to steemit and minds, memo does not require every post to be a meaningful topic; this gives memo a lax identity.
Also it runs on the bitcoin blockchain and not some identity token.

So far I'm enjoying memo.
The more the butthurt criticize Trump for not being erudite enough, the more they endear him to the regular people they are trying to get not to vote for him in the next election.
is there anyone you like LR? sounds like you hate white people, capitalists, & any one in the western world. do you only befriend disabled, POC, queer, womxn, mentally atypical, fat people?
GPS tracking of wolves in six different packs around Voyageurs National Park, Minnesota, which shows how much the wolf packs avoid each other's range
If you want an echo-chamber, then Memo is not the right place for you
Looked at it & was a bit confused. It's not obvious what's happening. Needs more explanation. I didn't get at first that was registering a receive address to attach to the name.
Happy 10th Birthday Bitcoin!
I threw a party for bitcoin, we sang happy birthday, ate bitcoin cake and had a panel. It was glorious and nerdy, thank you to everyone who came :)
Tip: If you have an up-to-date Windows 10, you can get emojis super easy by typing windows-period (that's holding the windows key down while you press the period/dot key).
Memo Tip: If you have an up to day Windows 10 machine, you can get emojis super easy by typing windows-period (that's holding the windows key down while you press the period/dot key).
What really happened during the Bitcoin Cash Fork? With Roger Ver
Merry Christmas from Australia! Gifting Crypto this Christmas

Have a wonderful Christmas and holiday season everyone!
BSV reduces the name Satoshi to a brand image. Their idea for scaling is to refuse to address the scaling bottlenecks. It is a horrible idea. People will follow the brand image though.
Satoshi Baby


Listen to the whole album here:
Are we living in a crypto bubble?

What does "living in a bubble" even mean?
I'd love to know your thoughts!!
A big mistake of communists is to think that profits come from unpaid labour. In reality they come from the customer valuing the product more than the cost to make and get it to the customer.
They sell the solution to the problem of slow money transfer while simultaneously being a victim of it (unless they are holding the limbo money and making interest off it).
So, when BCH was getting down to $75, I decided to send some $ over to coinbase to get ready to buy. Takes 7 DAYS! Price started going up just before the money "arrived", so I missed the bottom.😠
Hey, Im 10 I think.
Green Christmas (Traditional Version)
Wow. Can't believe this is real. It's like walking in the forest and stumbling on a pixie or elf.
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If BSV won I would have gone back to BTC. CSW wanted to takeover BCH, and force his absurd ideas on it.