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The main use case of Bitcoin Cash is cash, money. This WILL be a major thing in the years to come, with war on physical cash, economic restrictions, surveillance (KYC), etc. Do not stray from this goal.
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It is how cronyism works, had to make the correction
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I've been recommending people post pictures of sharpies in their buttholes, but nobody has. Mainly the new people that come & ask how to "earn" sats.
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Your land is adjacent to mine. A fox has made its den on MY land and is attacking YOUR chickens. You say I should build a fence to keep the fox IN. I say YOU should build a fence to keep the fox OUT.
I am right. YOUR chickens, YOUR responsibility to build fence 3 votes · 1,234 satoshis
You're right. Fox is on MY land so it's MY responsibility to build fence 0 votes · 0 satoshis
Nope, no third option. We can't cooperate or kill the fox. 0 votes · 0 satoshis


Meanwhile on facebook
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I've found a picture of SilentSam:

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Don't underestimate the sex appeal of liberty! 😋
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You don't want to "earn" anything. You want people to give you stuff for free. That's not what the word earn means.
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Are there not already such coins, or at least coins closer to that? Why change BCH into that? Is it not a form of maximalism to want every coin to have the same characteristics.
Twitter down. Memo unaffected.
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Wow. So now you can make a TX whose fee is over 1 sat/byte but is dropped instantly/not forwarded because it's lower than the lowest fee on the full mempool, instead of in 2 weeks.
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I'm irritated that you can't comment on this video. We can comment on it here. Didn't the courts rule that Trump couldn't block people on Twitter. Yet they can block us entirely?

NASA has chosen SpaceX's lander for the Artemis lander to return to the moon & eventually Mars. I think Elon was going anyway, so in order to not be beat by him, they had to choose him.
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Bonobo. Smartest animal.
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Well, that's just CRAZY talk!
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Oh yes, I can imagine the smell of the magic smoke now. Another transistor sadly gone before its time.
For some reason the price of everything in the world suddenly just decreased by 30%. I took the opportunity to do some impulse shopping.
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We are just organisms. Products of evolution. Do you hate other species as well?
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| illness. Either way, you need professional help. You shouldn't hate anyone. Maybe you can go to a detox & then rehab. Seriously, something is wrong.
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I'm actually only a Captain Jerk, hoping to be promoted to Major soon. Listen, you've got problems. You're always going off your rocker. Maybe it's the drinking, maybe actual mental
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You forgot to misspell "to" as "too". What have you done with the real Uther?
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| would trigger a lemming effect & a cascade of buyers. So if you buy using crypto in public at busy times every day, it should eventually trigger more adoption.