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At the core, Capitalism is the right to keep the fruits of your labor. Socialism is where the government takes your fruits and redistributes them, thereby removing the incentive to create or produce anything.
Trump is retarded, but you are just as bad as Trump LightRider. You and him valance out.
A lot of Mises/Rothbard types fantasize about the great collapse of society and think a stash of gold will make them kings of the economy that emerges from the ashes.
I always felt like if fiat really goes down it'd be better to have a well stocked cabin away from population centers than a hoard of gold in a wasteland swarming with hungry/angry ppl
You can't eat gold, and the people saying it is worth more than fiat are selling it in exchange for fiat, which seems against their claims. When fiat collapses, why would people value gold?
Hey, what do people here think about investing in gold? Always kinda thought it was crackpot, but recently have been creeping towards it might be a good diversification. Thoughts?
The strategy hasn't worked yet, I don't think it's going to start working soon.
If my son came home crying because a small girl had beat him up, I would be ashamed. I wouldn't go around talking about how mean & terrible the girl is.
How many paper towels does Lightrider go through a day to wipe his mouth froth I wonder. Singlehandedly wrecking the environment.
I will be handing out Cryptotip like wohooo
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If the state says you don't need guns, you probably need guns.
We should be happy about this. Reddit is going the way of Digg before it. Only this time, there is memo, and that can't go down the same corporate path. If anything, lets encourage it.
Wanted to make observations about current US election politics on Reddit. Realized any sub it wouldn't "fit" & prob be removed. r/Libertarian'd allow, but would complain "not Libertarian". Memo is where is the place!
If you put a hash on the URL when the replies modal opens then the back button could be used to close modal. I keep hitting back but end up in another page.
No, that is not what fiat means. Use a dictionary. Fiat means "by decree", as in, "its money because we say so", and not because of any real value.
LR will be historical evidence of Trump derangement syndrome in the near future
😂some poli sci grad student in the future will get their dissertation studying TDS on chain
OK, this is weird, but on desktop if I click the reply to open the reply area, then click sort of above the word Message in the empty spot, a modal comes up with the replies.
Modals for showing the Likes/tips work on both.
Oh, guess it's same on mobile as desktop. Talking about modals for replies, for a time if was a number on the reply button clicking it brought replies up in modal. Not now though.
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Can you create a MIPS repository so we can submit proposals? I have a zillion concepts and no time, so I may as well share them 😂
The modals don't work for me on mobile. Don't know if that's intentional.
Got some dash to sell! Anyone wanna buy?!
I disagree with this. I think sats are fine.