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Want to earn a little extra crypto on memo/member? Then don't beg and post quality content! That includes photos and info about your time in quarantine. I want to see what the rest of the world is doing!
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Panic *is* dumb & counterproductive. Rational action is better. If you act too quickly & fearfully, you stand a good chance of making things worse. I don't think that's controversial.
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Someone also sent me some satoshis, I discovered that it was "Uther" for answering your survey 🌞
Over 200,000 #COVID2019 cases have recovered. Try sharing this instead of the death toll. We need more positivity :)
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Manners... Why don't you mute each other?
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US, April 2: 213,144 known cases, 4,513 deaths. 2.12% death rate. Cases up 14.5% since previous day.
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Do you consider open air meat markets to be bio-weapons laboratories?
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Yes 21 votes · 104,155 satoshis
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Oh I was planning on just going insane, hadn't thought about staying sane.
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building a flamethrower and reading coronaspiracy theories.
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Probably too little too late though.
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Anybody remember the Gulf of Tonkin event?
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US, April 1: 186,101 known cases, 3,603 deaths. 1.94% death rate. Cases up 13.8% since previous day.
Happy US Census Day
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Are they going to eat the cats?
There is a saying in politics - "Never let a good crisis go to waste"
#DismantlingFreedom #Orwellian
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Wei Dai's comment on why Bitcoin has succeeded (2014-03-16)
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from their ranks to the public at large, if only because they don't want to reveal the level of the problem they have.
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Seriously though, China diminishing the *TOTAL* # of cases causes worldwide threat to be underestimated. US Military will *likely* do a better job of keeping themselves from spreading
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Well, it's not a great idea to project a decrease military readiness. You know we are under constant attack by Putin, right? He's practically at our border, ask Palin.
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US, March 31: 163,539 known cases, 2,860 deaths. 1.75% death rate. Cases up 16.1% since previous day.
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Those Naked Gun movies are classic.
To the people that are asking for tips to buy food. How are you using BCH to buy food? Convert to local currency first? Shops that take BCH? How do you convert? Sell in person, or use online exchange?