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replied 17d
Somehow my password got changed w/out me recording in either of my password storage locations, so I can't login anymore. I still have this active session, but eventually I'll lose it.
This memo post certifies that the account using address bitcoincash:qrqk26yqqlafjs43kwuy9jf0sa8k506qd5xs5mzs4l
(1JdatzMG5r15AH2fSqg75K1CFQyJkesuZq Legacy) is really me (GiggleStick) & is my alternate account.
replied 19d
I can tell you the PW I have saved in another channel if it would help. Thanks in Advance. Hoping to get back into Memo.
replied 19d
Is there anyway to figure out what happened? I don't want to lose this account when my session dies. I'm 99% sure I never changed the PW, somehow it must have been corrupted in the DB.
replied 19d
I was able to send the bulk of my BCH out of the acct while I still have this active session. Tried to get seed phrase, but it won't let me without PW, which it is says is incorrect.
sent · 800 sats 19d
Somehow my PW's not working anymore. I had unexpired session on old machine, but I can't log in my acct on new machine. Never changed PW but doesn't work now. Had saved in Chrome & PW Manager.
"The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it." – John Gilmore, 1993,33009,979768-3,00.html
305d · Ukraine
Every true patriot hates their government.
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"I was born a poor black child." - Navin
LBRY Inc. is shutting down after final judgment in its SEC case. The US kills off another top most-useful crypto project. Let's see if the chain was decentralized enough to outlast the death of its parent company...
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Yes, my bad, I meant to say that BTC intentionally stunted itself
replied 314d
Do you not mean to say that is what BTC did? BCH has increased the TX throughput.
315d · COVID-19
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Got beginning-of-empire vibes. From the Republic to the Empire. Just like the Roman Empire which appeared in 27 BC and lasted 5 centuries.
Thomas Jefferson was the first cypherpunk.
Not every job should pay a "living wage".

I want to do multiple jobs at the same time. I want to do a really low-activity low-wage job on evenings when I'm not busy.

Minimum wage laws are opportunity killers.
Does anyone remember when leftists used to say "If men could get pregnant, abortions would be completely legal & free!"? Now they say men can be pregnant, yet abortion is *more* restricted. Seems they miscalculated.
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Like after the plague in Europe.
The weakening or collapse of the US federal government would usher in the greatest growth in freedom that any living American has ever experienced.
I wonder what ever happened to SilentSam here. He was always here, going with msm narratives.
Last i remember him here was around late covid time and he said he had taken the vax many times, hope he is safe and well.
335d · covid-19
Happy 182 days before the last slave in the US was freed.
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The transactions were being saved and your post actually used your deposited funds: