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Imagine your favorite restaurant won't open because the workers are suing, but you have to keep paying them or the cops will throw you in jail.
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We were told my grandmother had Alzheimer's before she died. Apparently, it was actually a stutter.
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well this is not about the topic but about the person so this looks like a classical case of argumentum ad hominem
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This guy thinks your tax return is a government benefit.
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Should they be put in camps perhaps. Maybe that is the final solution to this problem. I did "not see" that coming.
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Ideally there should be a chain-agnostic version. Any coin with an op_return.
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Hmm. Would you be able to talk betwixt the chains? I guess so, since you can look at any chain even if you don't own the crypto. Interesting.
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There's a barebones proof-of-concept here:

A really advanced version is being built on Platform:
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Serious question, why don't you make, or pay someone to make, a version of memo that runs on Dash instead of BCH?
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They *were* unconstitutional in the US, then they amended the Constitution to make it constitutional.
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If they have the sats, they can post as much as they like. Memo can't really stop them. You could block that user if you don't want to see it anymore.
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The goal is to make the public enemy change from the virus, to the unvaxed/politically undesirable. You turn the people you don't like into public enemy #1.
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Massive Protests Against Vaccine Passports in France 7/17/21
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This is NPC behavior. This is Hylic behavior. As far as I can tell, all of this covid theatrics and hysterics has been some sort of sorting process.
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your worthless fiat in exchange."

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I've never understood the people selling gold. They say "Your fiat is depreciating, you need to buy gold."

"OK, I'm convinced. What can I trad you for it?"

"Oh, I'll take some of
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it's also much easier to store it, & take it with you when you need to go somewhere else in a hurry. The fact that even gold merchants are seeing it as a threat is good news though.
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Perhaps for BTC, it's largely true due to the extreme fees, but this is where BCH, of course, can correct this narrative. Not only can you cheaply, & instantly send BCH to your home,
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Unfortunately, the way many places sell "bitcoin" that's really just IOUs for custodial bitcoin that may or may not exist, it seems like that is a general feeling on it for the public.