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I think there maybe somethin going on with companies like Adidas,Nike,Bud etc goin woke and losing $bills in stock price,they know majority people will boycott the products.So the companies go short on their own stock
There is no real Bitcoin. Bitcoin is an idea, which is (imperfectly) implemented on multiple chains.
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Earlier this year. Its called "OP_CourtOrder" I believe.
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LOL. That's kinda hilarious.
Think of the smell of a pencil being sharpened. Can you smell it in your head?
As the great Kenn Bosak once said, "We're the beta testers of money. It sucks." 😅

I'm reminded of this as I go to test out crypto payment solutions in 5 countries in the space of a week 😵‍💫
24d · Bitcoin Cash
Another breaking change by BCH. Being forced to upgrade BCH node again...
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Yikes! Sounds terrible.
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Were you able to revert?
35d · covid-19
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What about CashFusion?
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A similar situation is in Europe where there are lots of immigrants not allowed to work, then when they act up & commit crimes, Europeans are surprised Pikachu face.
Kids should be allowed (and encouraged) to work and earn money as early as possible. As long as there are abuse and exploitation protections in place, this should NOT be a controversial opinion.
Definitely entering the "then they fight you" era of crypto, spearheaded by the SEC. We're about to find out: does the tech actually work as advertised? 🤔

Stay tuned!
It's funny when people post charts that go haywire in 1971 and ascribe causes other than dropping the gold standard.

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Yeah. EUs new draconian AML regulation was also voted through today.
Everything is your fault. Even if other people put you in your current situation, it's likely your fault you aren't out of it yet.

This mindset change is pretty amazingly liberating.
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Says a lot about the intelligence being a leftist voter requires.
Echoes of the old story:
applicants must fail IQ tests in order to qualify for employment in police departments.
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George Soros and his family is funding corrupt DAs to release dangerous criminals and arrest political enemies. It is an attack on America.
I heard a joke about Social Security.
You probably won’t get it.
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It's not that bad, I'm in a t-shirt today.
Buying a phone online, it accidentally thought I was in Texas. Switched to New Hampshire and I instantly saved $25 (no sales tax). Paid in crypto, saved another $5.

This is your sign to move to NH and live on crypto.
Man who posted a meme in 2016 telling Hillary Clinton voters to skip the polls & vote by text has been convicted & could be sentenced to 10 years. Says a lot about what the left thinks of their voters' intelligence.
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I'm waiting for global warming before I can move up North.