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Post a picture of a sharpie in your butthole.
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Post a picture of a sharpie in your butthole.
Fun fact: Even at the same hashrate BCH will be at least 32x more energy efficient than BTC.
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How soon till they add an "alternating case lock" key to keyboards next to the caps lock key?
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Saw a story where he was claiming that it was Trump's fault he stored the capitol. Which, duh, he wants to blame someone else so he doesn't go to jail. But the press is riveted.
List of people that the left absolutely hated, until they were anit-Trump, so now are great guys:

George W. Bush
Dick Cheney
Mitt Romney
Mike Pence
QAnon Shaman

Add to it as you see fit.
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Claiming to be a libertarian but making exceptions for a pandemic is like claiming to be a vegan but making exceptions for mealtimes. Your politics in challenging times *is* your politics.
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White men are people too
Yes. But if you believe gov is the right solution to such a crisis this belief would make you technically a statist, irrespective of what you advocated the rest of the time.
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Yep. I am the eye in the sky, looking at you, I can read your mind.
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This guy is an alt of the "Uther" individual, obviously. If you look at his history, you can see it.
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Not by chance. It was entirely orchestrated beforehand.
Rather than argue, try the Socratic Method (ask questions). Not only do most people's arguments fall apart a few questions deep, but if they don't, you may end up agreeing with them or at least learning something.💡
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This is my go to method of debate. It's extremely effective.
SpaceX Spoiled The Mars Rover Landing For Me
I had way too much fun doing this one. 🙃 If you talk decentralization and cypherpunks but don't use it you're probably a phony. Get those laser eyes out of here ya poser!
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That is very good for you
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"To compute the effective IQ of a committee you
take the IQ of the stupidest person on the committee
and divide it by the number of people on the committee."
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Why did you make a new account? Because your old one was so muted? You back on your meds?
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If you know your seed phrase & derivation path, I wonder if you can import wallet into electron cash & send from there.
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Weird. Does it rely on a centralized choke point server? I think electron cash wallet can use any number of nodes to send out a TX that it makes itself. Seems more reliable.
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Interesting. I never used badger. So you had 2 wallets with the same seed phrase but different derivation paths? How did it get that way I wonder. Is that normal, or some quirk?