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I am not buying any BSV coins, so if they choose BSV I am gone. However if BSV decided to add replay protection and I get the free BSV split coin, I would stick around.
this one work?
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In the case that Memo only supports one chain, which chain do you prefer?
BCH 23 votes · 5,592 satoshis
BSV 23 votes · 9,652 satoshis

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Their goal is to increase the blocksize without making any changes to the protocol to make scaling fail (there already was a reorg) and justify the old BS anti big blocks narrative.
I feel like a conspiracy nutter but it seems like the whole CSW thing was a plant all along as a mouthpiece and a distration, and nChain is just another front
I mean, it's permissionless. I guess you can call it whatever you want, but when you start giving something negative names, you lean towards banning it next. Valid is Valid.
Update on the hard fork
I think SV is doing a stress test to prove a point that they can make large blocks. They are not organic TXs from users. In fact they might not even be propagated, but directly mined.
There is no such thing as spam. If you pay for your TX, it is legit.
Sounds a bit like desperation to me.
How Verus Solved 51% attacks and "Nothing-At-Stake"

Verus prioritizes privacy & security, and is a fork of Komodo (which I've featured in a previous interview, and am also a big fan of).
So how long until cross border bitcoin transactions require declaration? Build a capital gains tax reporter into the protocol? Txs worth more than $10k require valid gov id?
$2 Billion in 6 Months!

Scooter sharing is the latest trend across many cities in America.
But government officials are not pleased. Will this new trend be able to survive?
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· 5 days ago
I think the problem is CSW is a Douche Bag. It's easier to ignore the White paper than a Threatening Dictating douche bag.
You mean like CTOR?
posted · 6 days ago
Bye SV, you were pretty annoying from the start.
Don't worry, SV will probably add a way to expunge old TXs soon to go along with their blacklisting and old-coin-stealing updates.
I'm ready!

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· 7 days ago
Just use your own client then
Well apparently he wants to make BCH permissioned by the SEC. CSW litterally lost the plot.
Fuck it. I am bringing my hash to this war.
Oh cool, thanks. I tipped you some of *both* chains!😉
What's the best way to "watch" the has war tomorrow? How do you see what's happening in realtime?
created poll · 7 days ago
Disregarding which, if any, fork comes out on top tomorrow, what do you think will be the general outcome of all this?
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Could've been worse 1 votes · 0 satoshis
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