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sent · 4,000 sats 27d
please remove broken sale postings. i stopped using this site because of issues
sent · 2,000 sats 134d
i will buy holy
sent · 1,200,000 sats 136d
ty friend
sent · 2,020 sats 154d
If this is really you from twitter, Welcome aboard. SLP is really fortunate to have your knowledge and perspective here!
sent · 120,000 sats 178d
Nice new profile
sent · 25,000 sats 180d
Congrats !
I am your second highest token holder. I am asking for your to look at our humanitarian campaign to promote/contribute

sent · 1,000 sats 189d
You sell HOLY?
sent · 200,000 sats 195d
Highest HOLY Token Holder, DIVIDEND
sent · 20,000 sats 197d
thank you friend always , goodbye
sent · 7,000,000 sats 202d
sent · 600 sats 211d
Thanks for the lowered price.
sent · 1,000,000 sats 211d
Good Luck with your token
sent · 1,000,000 sats 212d
Thank you for your contribution to HOLY. You are the highest invested balance. Your balance will be the maximum HOLY for dividend !!
sent · 6,000 sats 213d
sent · 10,000 sats 217d
Thanks for the follow!
sent · 10,000 sats 217d
I hope you can find some good in the world. #HOLYStrong . GodSpeed friend. You are important . You can make a difference . #HOLY believes in YOU
sent · 600 sats 218d
They are not competitively priced . If you post the spice for 220 each I will buy
sent · 1,000 sats 218d
I will buy all your HOLY tokens 400 sats each
sent · 159,000 sats 220d
Good stream for 9/11
sent · 600 sats 222d
Are you the creator of shroom ? If so can you explain the children token actviity? I am curious and own 2 shrooms
sent · 546 sats 231d
If you go to the tokens page and click on one . Sometimes they have links so you can learn of each of the projects. Telegram has a lot of groups as well I can add you on
sent · 10,000 sats 236d
Thanks for the follow. Welcome to memo
sent · 5,000 sats 245d
I can offer 500,000 for sour at good price
sent · 30,000 sats 256d
bem-vindo ao memorando, obrigado por seguir. você viu a troca?
· 600 sats 258d
i will buy all your sbs 100,000 each