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Air drop of .05 BCH distributed to wallets holding 777 HOLY , tomorrow anouncement before execution.

current eligible wallets : 46
replied 11h
Thanks Uther , we all know slp is jacked up , no fighting necessary
replied 16h
Calm_down_stupid 1Ewniz
calm down stupid , God bless you
replied 18h
Calm_down_stupid 1Ewniz
Actually , you need to watch your mouth and check the facts , SIR. We delivered over 100 lbs of food to an orphanage in Nigeria , powered by BCH.
replied 19h
Calm_down_stupid 1Ewniz
Also, please refer to the purchase list of Holy on memo, We have bought back much BCH worth
replied 19h
Calm_down_stupid 1Ewniz
The specific amount of 777 HOLY

I do not value Holy at anything , people do not trade actively.

This Holy Yes
Airdrop to all wallets holding 777 holy will share .05 bch distributed tomorrow evening .

0 wallets currently with this amount
SLP, the unknown sandbox project of Bitcoin Cash , Will Smart BCH open up more technology for SLP from ETH ?

Tell me what you think
In terms of privacy , is there a clear winner between ZEC and XMR ?
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What is a more useful Crypto ?
Tron / TRX 2 votes · 0 satoshis
Doge 0 votes · 0 satoshis


replied 8d
do you do it for fun or people actually annoy you?
replied 8d
I was playing the game you play, I wanted to see some different content for the day. This is a small pomd
Check tokens for sale ! Lets get some volume in SLP
replied 9d
Ma Junior 1MBFpC
Its good to diversify , You dont want all the eggs in one basket
The precious metal Silver is very undervalued , find silver anyway you can and stack
Bitcoin Cash is gaining ground
replied 11d
Tokens represent ideas or projects , tokens may do dofferent things , always verify lots of fakes
replied 13d
Pseudo Satoshi
Jesus Piece will be moving tokens from vault via sales on memo. As there may be large amount of tokens for sale, please be assured we are only looking to obtain BCH to reinvest in further endeavors on SLP. #Holy
replied 14d
We have 46 million DIVVY!
replied 49d
this exceeds 100%
sent · 4,000 sats 53d
please remove broken sale postings. i stopped using this site because of issues
@memo , i stopped buying slp tokens here. i cannot complete most purchases.

please remove all sale posts that are unbuyable
replied 70d
i cannot make token purchase on memo

creator, you are losing revenue