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Pro-science skeptic. Seeking solution to use cryptocurrencies to enable the unbanked and economically disenfranchised. I believe humanity's future is in outer space and I still believe in liberal democracy.

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80d · Scientific Skepticism
Response to recent UFO "leaks".
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Looking into hedging some downside risk. :-)
80d · Space
There are worse things to do for a year, I suppose.
80d · Conspiracy theories
80d · Conspiracy theories
86d · SpaceX and Mars Colonization
If we're lucky, the next Starship will launch before the end of September.
86d · SpaceX and Mars Colonization
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Most minimum wages (in the US) don't require "living wage" compensation.
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Are there any Bitcoin Cash advocates who are active in building communities and increasing user and merchant adoption? If so speak up and let us now how we can help you.
Alito wants the Supreme Court to be political activists but seen as apolitical, humble servants of the law.

They're not. We know.
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