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· 319d
Newest #BitcoinSV Vinyl Decal is now available! And If you purchase using your #BSV you will receive a 10% discount! -> https://wmvinyl.com/shop/newest-bitcoin-sv-vinyl-decal/
· 338d
It is intellectually disingenuous to suggest Craig Wright is not Satoshi.
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· 328d · Bitcoin SV
I’m very happy so many app developers have chosen BSV.
replied · 367d
Dude you're one of the few people on memo.cash that even support ABC. Stop pretending like it's all over after 24 hours. Even memo.cash are more neutral to SV oriented.
· 376d · stresstestbitcoin.cash
32mb block just found! Saw all 32 buses leave on TxStreet :D
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· 385d
Let the #BCH adoption begin! My #BitcoinCash #BuiltForBusiness Super brochures have arrived! Next step, introducing #Bitcoin to the local businesses in my community!
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ÚPDATED: Free Bitcoin Cash #BuiltForBusiness 'Super Brochure'
Adoption #Challenge - share this with 3 businesses & have a conversation about #BCH
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I designed this Bitcoin Cash #BuiltForBusiness 'Super Brochure' highlighting how easy it can be to start accepting #BCH. Free to Share & Distribute
· 404d
Why use Venmo or ⁦PayPal⁩⁩ to send money? It’s expensive, slow & requires you to share your private info. #BitcoinCash is basically free to send, gets there instantly & you don’t have to give up your data
· 404d
There’s a general agreement that the public sector stands to benefit significantly from the technology, but adoption will be slow. #Blockchain http://bit.ly/2yzIjPh
· 404d
Traded the last of my #BitcoinCore #BTC for #BitcoinCash #BCH this week. I really love the development that is happening in the Bitcoin Cash community. From Cointext, MEMO, MoneyButton + MORE! The future is exciting!
· 404d
21 Bitcoin Cash = a #BCH Millionthaire as there will only ever be 21 Million #BitcoinCash in circulation. Currently, it would cost you $9,264.36 to #JoinTheClub #OneBitataTime! #SpendandReplace
· 404d
I believe in #Bitcoin and the underlying #blockchain #technology behind it. It will absolutely change our World for the better. This #tech’s future is best demonstrated through the #BitcoinCash implementation.
· 477d
another #bitcoincash army blasting their way thru txstreet

a B E A U T I F U L sight :)
· 477d
those spikes from last week?

Little blips,
this is a spike BCH.

forkdotlololololoLOL :)

· 477d
Threw 15$ into scale.cash just to add to the madness =)
· 477d
Happy birthday BCH!