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PSA: Twitter suspended the old Fivebucks page 1 week ago, this is our new profile in case you were following us 💡
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What is Bitcoin?
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The Fivebucks BSV transition is complete.

- 0-conf payments are much faster (thanks to MB)
- All user balances were converted to BSV
- Withdrawals are active
For any issues on Fivebucks please contact [email protected] or DM on Twitter (@fivebuckscom, DMs are open). All issues will be addressed within few hours but *make sure* to reach out.
400+ services (voiceovers, logos, promos, articles etc) & 750+ freelancers are currently active on Fivebucks. Most have never used BCH & are waiting to receive their 1st order/payout. Make sure to give them a chance!
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Fivebucks is under attack and we have temporarily shut down the site for security reasons while we work to fix the root issues. Sellers' earnings are safe.
Update: Alberto was always paid, he simply had to wait for the money to clear. While in safety clearance (5 days) the money appears under 'selling' > 'revenue' > 'in escrow'
Sellers on Fivebucks are always paid. Buyers cannot get work for free even in worst case scenarios because they have to pay in advance for an order to be created.
If you're unhappy w/ a delivery on Fivebucks then request order cancellation/refund. Don't give up just bc your 1st experience wasn't good. Try other sellers until you're happy, this way good sellers come to surface!
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