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· 461d
Socialism is for things where profit shouldn't be a motivating factor. For everything else there's Bitcoin Cash.
Core supporters are FAR MORE SOCIALIST than BCH supporters because they believe the free market will always value a slow and useless coin dependent on CENSORSHIP higher than ones with REAL VALUE
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Notify: When you think about quantity of posts, do not forget about quality.
Ok everyone I just bought some BCH so be prepared for a dip in the next 24 hours if not sooner.
Oh yes, Here is social system based on plans and indicators: Plans for fines. This mean that policemen must find and fined someone to fulfill the plan. And if you have no crume - create it
I just do not know what you're discussing here.I live at "Social" country and people are beaten/penalized for nothing. And you have no rights to prove that you are not a camel.
· 471d · memo
@memo 1) Each profile page lost link to Block Explorer. 2) page have OLD max "values" 3) lacks of something where you are OWNER. Maybe something like own "topic".
replied · 471d
He send transaction with many inputs and memo main node freeze. He found a bug, but this hanged the site for >30 mins.
Are you still taking here about SCAM? This is an opportunity to win BCH. ONLY 40 participants so far? Good for us.Sit with your 10k sats like Gollum.
@1ESNQsQ7ibaJxVYc5rFQjLYtKZNb4MwEBJ Fill your profile for start :)
@flamore I will not be surprised if this is him, because as I seeing at wiki, he was always in step with the times and walk together with social media.
followed topic Earn tips · 471d
If it is he (with 63m auditory) then I must put absolutely all your comedy fiat money to BCH ASAP :)
If it is he (with 63m auditory) then I must put absolutely all your comedy fiat money to BCH ASAP :)
Greed/Gluttony is a sin. Distribution is healthy for BCH
replied · 471d
That feeling when there is no retweet button.
replied · 471d
1) telegraph code 88: love & kisses; 2) or 88 is an indication to keep your finances under control
followed topic 1 whole BCH opportunity · 472d
Maybe someday crypto will give me&family a chance to live this dictatorship place.
1. Follow topic 2. Follow me 3. Tip 10k to me 4. Description of what you need the crypto for (heartfelt) 5. Review by me in 2 weeks to announce the winner
replied · 472d
Sorry,maybe it was some misunderstanding. I was only trying to suggest more ways of adoption to ppl without any crypto. Of course, you already help bringing more people on memo&itscool
· 472d · predict
Bump for fun. A month has passed since the day I launched this topic
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The public needs a reason to come to memo. If there's original content which can only be found on memo then that is a possible motivation for them.