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replied 2003d
Can you show us some 3D printed things? :)
2004d · 3D Art
I dabble in Blender. Mostly things for 3D-print, not much impressive graphic work... Wish I had the hardware to render movies like that.
2004d · 3D Art
Yes there are, I am currently working on a meth cooking and crypto currency mining simulator
2004d · 3D Art
Pretty well done.
replied 2003d
The software used for this project are Unreal Engine, Maya, zBrush, Substance Painter, Photoshop and Adobe Premiere :)
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2004d · 3D Art
2004d · 3D Art
I would like to share my short animated film: Sea Drive
2004d · 3D Art
Hi guys I would like to see if there are other fellow 3D (game) artists on and would love to see other peoples work!!!
2005d ·
Does anyone know how to obtain an invitation code for
So how does one go about getting an invitation code to ?
BCH mempool currently at 44MB. Incredible! Come on miners, who wants to mine a full 32MB block ;)
2102d · cats
When your kittens take over!
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2006d · cats
I can't <3
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2006d · Spirituality
replied 2006d
Alan Watts is great!!!
2087d · Spirituality
Alan Watts <3
2081d · Nederlanders op memo?
Ben bezig met een Nederlandse Bitcoin Cash website waar dan ook echt alles terug te vinden is over BCH. Zou iemand willen helpen door te reviewen op fouten? kijk op
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Wow, that was trippy, thanks for sharing.
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