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I have not been able to access the "tokens" tab of #memo, nor change my profile image
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si justo estoy en un sitio de #BarrioBitcoin
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Estas disponible ahorita?
I'm just going to tangled and laugh at everything that all those brainless people upload. There is nothing good there other than earning some Millix that then to withdraw you must go through a scam verification
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part of my playlist of the day
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haro Bikes
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te veo en una hora?
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I'm still testing Steemit. I don't really understand how this works but I try my best. thanks for the support
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Your post has been upvoted, https://steemworld.org/@barriobitcoin
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I try it because it never does the tangled verification to remove. while I will continue posting there to try to bring more users to #Memo and change those Millix for BCH
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If you control your money you control your life.

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Even if you see that you earn so much on other networks, they earn more for your data
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For some of us, coming to #Memo is not about making money, but about generating trust in the community. To earn you could look for a job or learn a trade online.
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I followed you there
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Done friend
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Leave a comment on https://donatello.blog/2024/02/21/%f0%9f%8c%90-earn-3-donatello-tokens-%f0%9f%9a%80 and you will receive 3 Donatello tokens. Have a nice day! #dance #music #Donatello
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who are you?
I'm trying to change my balance in Millix for #BCH.150,000Sats

https://barriobitcoin.tangled.com/join follow me here and I will leave you some sats as a gift in #Memo
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Evo Wiser, Ryt Iye and Donatello - Singing, playing the guitar and dancing
Let's dance and have fun! We need more artists on this platform.