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I am an electrical engineer by training and home to both Singapore and Melbourne. I love Melbourne more as life is much leisurely there.


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Even life is so hard we still need to get up and think how to cope up a day to feed our child in this time of crisis.No work, no more funds, stocks are running out. Keep safe everyone we will survive this!
Goodmorning, stay positive despite of the crisis we are facing now. I need work now :)
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Not a responsible post. What if there are ppl stupid enuf to believe?
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Morning Star
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Wonder if those experts can create more BCH exchanges so that it is much easier to buy and sell and may widen the BCH base.
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Never Live With A Woman - MGTOW
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True but he is a fellow human being.
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If possible ask him to go for counselling
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Women Starting WW3? - MGTOW

Women Starting WW3? - MGTOW
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Please launch one in Australia too 😄🙏
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It was 14000 I dunno why they reject n even my 1050 spice
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The system reject what I sent 😔
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I don’t have much. This is all I have
Canada's First Stablecoin

ERC20 unfortunately.
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