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This is Me simply Me ,
With 2 kids .😊😊
Loving mother for them 🤩😘😘


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Even its too late i will send a selpie with our chicken to convince you that i have many and real chicken

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In my grandmothers house
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Unusual Uther
We have a lots of chicken 😊
We have also a dog
And we have a goats
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Unusual Uther
We have a lots of chicken sir ,

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we have chicken and goats

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Sir we have may chicken&chicks we have also goat
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Sir these are our chicken hoping to get some sats to buy foods for them

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Unusual Uther
Hai uther this is my dog eating rice with soy sauce becoz we dont afford to buy dog food hoping you can help us to buy dog food

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Helow everyone ,Good morning 🌞
Hi all
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Im here right now its a releaxing place and has a fresh air
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Goodnight pretty lady 😊😘
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Helow everyone 😊
Meet my two children 😊😍
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Unusual Uther

For my kids 😊
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Happy easter sir😊
This is the food left on our stock so sad i cant afford to buy stocks for the other day.So hard to felt that the lockdown extend until tha 30th of April 😔😔😔
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