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This is Me simply Me ,
With 2 kids .😊😊
Loving mother for them 🤩😘😘


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Wow this movie is great! 🤩
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i hate to ask but could u posibly help us covid19 positive her is increasing & been having to pay bills w/ no income at da moment i have 2 kids anything would help for food at vitamins
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How i wish we will have a fridge ,
We dont have a fridge sir ,i just use plastic container to stock food ,
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Condolence , and rest in peace sir
The cost of selfishness and stupidity is massive. Stay home.


Just to be clear, if it took a global pandemic to make you realize that our systems are broken, that is a privilege.

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Helow , have a nice day ahead too
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Unusual Uther
It really big help for us and my kids if you give some of yur beer money to us to buy foods,and vitamins for them.Bcoz no work for a month😔sory for begging
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Ohh ok
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Unusual Uther
If you sir ? ,is it ok for you 4 days with no beer?
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Thankd to all specially to sir george and sir uther
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I'll be sure to post the single as soon as it's released!
It's been almost 3 years in the making at this point and so much $$.
I am so excited and proud.
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ill wait for that 🤗🤩
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Good 🙌👍
Its now 11:10PM here in our country
Goodnight MEMO ! 🛌🛌😴😴
GoodNight Everyone 😊💕😴🛌
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24 hours inside in the house , cleaning the house and anywhere inside 😅
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I like this music , i love to listen to this.
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Wow ! Were excited too💕
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My band, Rivals An Ion, is releasing our debut single on 4.20!
Stay at home becoz of the extreme enhanced quarantine becoz of coronavirus.
Kep Safe Everyone

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I WANT 🙋‍♀️ , hoping to be lucky, i will share it to my neighborhood becoz we are experiencing extreme enhanced quarantine becoz of the coronavirus hophe U Notice me 🙏