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First time watching a Rick James video, pretty funny. Now I get why ODB impersonate him.
Divertido el podcast de P2P con sus origenes del Esperanto al Ancap al Crypto
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Para cuando en Mexico? Se necesitan procesos de comercio redondo en #BCH
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Want to send me some Zapit tokens?
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2d · Anime, Manga, AMV, Vocaloid
2d · Anime, Manga, AMV, Vocaloid
Erika sama #anime #manga #japan
2d · anime, manga, amv, vocaloid
Rena Senpai!!! #anime #manga #Japan
2d · Hiphop / Rap
choose 3 if you can #hiphop #rap #music
2d · BitcoinCash México 🇲🇽
41 proyectos listados, ayuda a listar mas #BCH Portal
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Legendary Killah Beez #WuTang #hiphop #rap
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Credit is a big time enabler, and the US is using it to the extreme. Is why a lot of people move economically.
14d · Anime, Manga, AMV, Vocaloid
GM GM!!! #anime #waifus
15d · Anime, Manga, AMV, Vocaloid
Waiting patiently for chapter 6 of #MahoushoujonAkogarete #anime #manga
Escuchando el podcast de HiveSucre sobre el nuevo juego de Holozing en #hive
15d · Anime, Manga, AMV, Vocaloid
Mahou Shoujo new episode is coming pretty fun. #MahouShoujoniAkogarete #anime #manga
19d · Anime, Manga, AMV, Vocaloid
Real life Rey ayanami from Evangelion #anime
20d · Hiphop / Rap
Ice Cream shorty #hiphop #art
20d · python
Documenting a python project with Sphinx and Read the Docs https://realpython.com/courses/python-sphinx/
20d · python
Create your first project on #Python #programming
20d · Anime, Manga, AMV, Vocaloid
Eris from Mushoku No Tensei #anime
20d · Anime, Manga, AMV, Vocaloid
The modern Mona Lisa
20d · Hiphop / Rap
Bar for Bar, what’s the greatest hip hop album produced in 1996❓ #hiphop #rap
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Round and brown...