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replied · 46d
Then why I do have enough BCH to post but not to sell tokens?
replied · 120d
The password is required to export the private key. For account recovery you'd only need the private key.
replied · 118d
You are right. I thought I had a backup of the pvt key but I'm not able to find it. And I'm afraid that I had the same passw in the wallet. Let's hope it appears some day.
replied · 119d
can you send the entire balance to a new address/account? or does that require password too?
replied · 118d
I can from here with a like/tip but I didn't want to have multiple accounts in Memo. If I don't find the backup of the pvt key I'll have to do this.
replied · 120d
Not currently. But if you have access to your private key we could implement a recovery feature.
replied · 120d
I'm logged in, the memo cookies are forever. In this case I don't get the point of asking the old passw, I can even export the pvt key. I need a new passw to access from a new pc.
Is there any way to change my password if I forgot the old one?
replied · 131d
replied · 132d
In fact, you could decide that if 1 or more of those you follow blocks someone, they're blocked for you too. If downvoting happens, it could work same way. Not censored, but filtered.
replied · 131d
I've been thinking of that too. Knowing what users are the most muted ones might be a very useful information.
@Memo we urgently need a mute function.
replied · 132d
There might be a way of storing it on chain by encrypting it first with your public key. This way it would work in every client you used.
I love this one:
but it's funny only when you understand spanish: "Flat Earth Society. With members all around the GLOBE"
My intuition says that LTC tx amount is manipulated to show more than BCH, because it usually grows after a BCH tx amount peak
Looks like it's resolved now, had to kick in Cloudflare
21000 tip to first 21 replies - Go!
replied · 383d
takes time to get through. Looks like bot is still processing @StackmyBCHup tips.
· 383d
BMG Pool just mined a 10.3 MB block with 44.7K transactions!!!!!!!!!!
replied · 383d
block 545958 was 10 MB
keep calm and stress test
replied · 383d
But Memo is still running blazing fast :)
All visualizers are broken. Good job! :P