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Unusual Uther
can you also give me sir Uther. 🙏 I'm always late 😔
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Yes it's true. Even in the Philippines Vitamins C are out of stock.

when boredom strikes. My daughter really loves to trace lol ..
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I guess the best way to understand is. It just like good vs evil 😅😊
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We're still here. Alive and kickin😅
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Unusual Uther
we made a selfie under the sun with my daughter😂
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our chickens.. meet heyhey and hayhay😅

the teacher of my daughter said to make a poster about frontliners. Then this it 😍 #onlinequiz #proudmom
Pagibig Ang Hihilom sa Daigdig ♥️♥️♥️😍




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Our thoughts and prayers for your Uncle .. RIP. 🙏

Prayer is the best weapon we have,it is the key to God's heart. You must speak to Jesus not only with your lips, but with your heart. - Padre Pio
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this our fridge sir Uther.. Lots of water, malunggay juice and milk for my baby. 😍
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Unusual Uther
thats our fridge.. lots of water and malunggay juice.. 😍
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Unusual Uther
You were such a generous man. ❤️ hoping you can give some to my little one. Thank you so much
Times are rough right now. We all have to stay strong. And believe in God. Hope for the best. We will get through this together ..

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Hi sir.. Maybe you can help me too.. Any amount will do..Just for my little one. For his milk ❤️
positivity in times of crisis.. lets all fight this..

Lets all pray to fight this COVID 🙏🙏🙏
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try to follow @MustacheTommy on twitter.. maybe he can help you out about Rhett 😅😆
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Unusual Uther
Happy 2020 Uther😍😍 from our family to yours 😍
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Unusual Uther
thank you 😍 Have a Merry Christmas